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SCNASun Certified Network Administrator
SCNASecurity Certified Network Architect
SCNASouth Carolina Nurses Association
SCNASaab Club of North America
SCNASouthern California Naturist Association
SCNASudden Cosmic Noise Absorption
SCNASouth Carolina Numismatic Association
SCNASouth Carolina Nursery Association
SCNAStatus, Condition Not Aborted (Alcatel)
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Negotiate 2 new members benefit programs: a loan program and a new SCNA credit card program Each of these will provide royalty income to SCNA while providing services to persons who choose to use them
Board also approved motion that any final action to sell the SCNA property would be shared with the Board by the CEO
This policy shall ensure that the Legislative Priorities are reviewed every two years in the even-numbered election years Following review and update, the Legislative Priorities will be presented during the Annual Meeting in the even numbered year for action by the members of SCNA present for that Annual Meeting
The Advocacy Fund augments the SCNA budgeted amounts that are needed for a variety of costs related to advocacy Contributions may be made by anyone to SCNA The Fund is not a tax-deductible item for individuals due to the fact that it will be used for advocacy and lobbying Donations should be made using the information found on the SCNA WEB site www.
00 for each Full SCNA/ANA member OR SCNA Only member.
The South Carolina Nurses Association is making no claims against the quality of the product represented by the letter that is not from SCNA The purpose of this alert is to be certain that any of you who are interested in this very important insurance product are aware of a product that is being endorsed by SCNA so that you know that the association is standing behind the advertising of the product
To date not one has been received There is a process for the presentation of Resolutions during the Annual Meeting This process includes any Resolutions not previously forwarded to SCNA The full explanation of the process may be found in the Standing Rules in the Annual Book of Reports The Annual Book of Reports will be posted to the SCNA website no later than October 10, 2016.
Statement of Why Running For Office: I'm running for this office because SCNA shares my passion and dedication to the nursing profession.
To achieve these broad purposes, the SCNA will provide leadership in the legislative and public policy arena
In order to vote in the 2016 SCNA Election you must be a current member as of July 1, 2016 and meet the membership requirements for licensure found in the current SCNA and ANA Bylaws.
The New Grad Advisory I Council has been meeting monthly via teleconference to develop our plan on attracting new grads to the SCNA.
This notice is for all who have a brick or bricks in the SCNA "I Am A Nurse" walkway.