SCNDSecond (in line)
SCNDScottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)
SCNDSupply Chain Network Design (business modeling)
SCNDSingle Crystal Natural Diamond (wire die)
SCNDSouth Carolina New Democrats (est. 1985)
SCNDSecuring Cisco Network Devices
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SCND has become an important supply chain management planing problem [33].
As external pressure encourages companies to adopt sustainable SCND strategies, these days, an organization's sustainability initiatives and corporate strategy must be closely interwoven [52].
proposed a model for a multiobjective SCND problem for a liquor company [25].
Multiple decision variables and objectives are inherent characteristics of the SCND problem.
Recently, the SCND problem has been extended in different dimensions such as risk [15,16] and social responsibility [17].
The objective of the SCND is to restrict worldwide possession, usage, manufacturing and the trade and trafficking of drugs, with the exception of certain substances that are to be used for purely medical and scientific purposes.
Its members serve impartially and currently enforce the provisions of the SCND, the CPS and the 1988 UN Convention.
This also played a role in the selection of the JSF: "Following on its participation in the Joint Strike Fighter program and its commitments under the Canada First defence strategy, the Government of Canada announced on July 16 its intention to procure 65 F-35 Lightening II aircraft" (SCND 2010a).
That the Canadian Forces had also determined that the JSF met its operational requirements was reiterated by Industry Minister Tony Clement, who noted the added benefit of spinoffs for Canadian industry: "By investing in the Joint Strike Fighter program, not only is the government equipping the Canadian Forces with a state-of-the-art aircraft, but it is also opening up unprecedented opportunities for Canada's aerospace industry, including the creation of highly skilled, well-paying jobs for Canadians" (SCND 2010a).
[7] proposed a model for SCND under demand uncertainty and presented a dairy industry case study.
Therefore, many authors have utilized Possibilistic Programming (PP) [5, 7, 23] and Scenario-based/Robust Optimization (RO) [24-28] for modeling the epistemic uncertainty in SCND. The reader is referred to the reviews in SCND modeling uncertainty for further reading [18, 29].
To avoid the sub-optimality that arises from the separate modelling of forward and reverse networks, many researchers have integrated forward and reverse network design, known as closed-loop SCND (CLSC) (Soleimani, Seyyed-Esfahani, & Kannan, 2014).