SCNOStudents Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations
SCNOSioux City and New Orleans Barge Lines (Louisiana)
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SolveIT Software's APS and SCNO applications are configured for optimising Fortescue's mine-to-port supply chain, and incorporate advanced features invented by SolveIT Software, such as decision visibility, dynamic trade-off analysis, and global optimisation.Targeted towards a range of planning & scheduling horizons at Fortescuefrom medium to short term, SolveIT Software's mine to port product will assist in optimisingthe mine product blend, train schedules ,port operations, berthing and maintenance scenario management.
* Is the SCNO, as the designated nursing leader, able to provide support, access to resources, coaching, and learning to lead the individuals in the organization to where they need to be to meet the demands of the future?
* Is the SCNO able to influence the budget at each organization through negotiation and/or coaching the organization CNO (OCNO) to access resources for programs to influence professional practice?
Some of the considerations outlined here can be supported through system structures such as a CNO council, chaired by the SCNO and attended by OCNOs and select deans/directors of affiliate schools of nursing.
This also serves as a separate connection for each facility to share best practice and might include such individuals as the SCNO, OCNO, the Magnet coordinator, the professional development coordinator, the nursing research director, nurse managers, and staff (R.M.