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SCNRSecrétariat du Conseil National du Renseignement (French: Secretariat of the National Intelligence Council)
SCNRSorry, Could Not Resist
SCNRState Committee for Nationalities and Religions (Ukraine)
SCNRSomatic Cell Nuclear Replacement
SCNRSubtractive Chromatic Noise Reduction (image resolution; astronomy)
SCNRSignal to Clutter plus Noise Ratio
SCNRSignal-to-Coherent Noise Ratio
SCNRStudent Commitee for National Reconciliation
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Additionally, the target conditional SCNR in the sum channel can be rewritten as
As in the researches [22, 27], the optimal parameter settings are defined as the values of the binary detector parameters which make the detector establish a given detection probability at a given false alarm probability with the least SCNR. It is assumed that the parameter P of binary detector in our simulations is optimal.
SCNR, 2012, "Current and future state of oil and gas pipelines and refining capacity in Canada", Standing Committee on Natural Resources, Ottawa, http://www.parl.
The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources comprising NRCAN and other government agencies later asserted its support for the Line 9 reversal as a stand-alone project but emphasized that in an ideal scenario Line 9 would connect with another pipeline to bring oil to international markets (SCNR, 2012).
The oblast governor and SCNR supported the return of the scrolls to the Jewish community.
The SCNR declared that the majority of buildings and objects had already been returned to religious organizations and that many of the remaining properties for which restitution was being sought were complicated by that fact they were occupied by state institutions, were historic landmarks, or had been transferred to private ownership.
(13) But even if their rural backgrounds were not the reason for the policy changes, Korean demographics in 1961 and the need to build political support would have steered the SCNR in the same direction.
The SCNR also implemented policies to increase the exports of agricultural and livestock products in order to raise rural income and support industrialization.
Simulation results show that the approach offers a high performance of output signal to clutter and noise ratio (SCNR) in the nonhomogeneous clutter scenario.
In the proposed method, the rule of maximum output SCNR is applied to optimize the transmitted waveforms and receiving filters jointly.
As for the multidimensional case, the main concern turns to calculating the resolution threshold [21], that is, the minimum signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) or signal-to-clutter-plus-noise ratio (SCNR) required for a given resolution performance.