SCNRSorry, Could Not Resist
SCNRState Committee for Nationalities and Religions (Ukraine)
SCNRSomatic Cell Nuclear Replacement
SCNRSubtractive Chromatic Noise Reduction (image resolution; astronomy)
SCNRSignal to Clutter plus Noise Ratio
SCNRStudent Commitee for National Reconciliation
SCNRSignal-to-Coherent Noise Ratio
SCNRSecrétariat du Conseil National du Renseignement (French: Secretariat of the National Intelligence Council)
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The SCNR and the subsequent Third Republic (1963-1972) implemented export-promotion policies that led to the rapid expansion of manufactured exports, which were a catalyst for South Korea's economic takeoff.
18) Since the United States briefly suspended economic aid after the coup, the SCNR recognized that South Korea could no longer rely on US aid; therefore, the SCNR had a strong desire to end the dependent relationship.
To help meet agricultural production goals, the SCNR promulgated the Agricultural Product Price Support Law on June 27, 1961, to "maintain appropriate agricultural prices with the objective of raising production and providing economic stability for the agricultural sector"--in effect, an "industrial policy" for agriculture and livestock.
In a related move to promote exports, the SCNR on September 9, 1961, promulgated the Export Cooperatives Law (Law No.
The SCNR, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Border Guard Committee, State Customs Service, State Committee for Tourism, and other agencies, cooperated to support Jewish pilgrimages to the burial site in Uman of Rabbi Nakhman Tsadyk, founder of the Bratslav Hasidic movement.
On June 22, 2007, while commenting on the events in Rokhmaniv, SCNR Chairman Popov stated that although the SCNR hoped to see an end to the practice of various denominations sharing a place of worship, the Government should not intrude in interdenominational disputes.