SCOASmart Compression Architecture
SCOASelf Service Change of Address
SCOASettlement Council of Australia
SCOASumitomo Corporation of America (also seen as SCA; New York, NY)
SCOAStandard Chart Of Accounts
SCOASupreme Court of Arkansas (judiciary)
SCOASouth Carolina Oncology Associates (Columbia, SC)
SCOASealy Center on Aging (Texas)
SCOASouth Carolina Optometric Association
SCOASouthern California Orofacial Academy (San Gabriel, CA)
SCOASociete Commerciale de l'Ouest Africain (Paris, France)
SCOASaskatoon Council on Aging (Saskatoon, SK, Canada)
SCOASouth Carolina Orthopaedic Association
SCOASouth Central Officials Association (various locations)
SCOASanyo Corporation of America (Sanyo Trading Co., Ltd.)
SCOASmart Car of America
SCOASouth Coast Orthopaedic Associates (Oregon)
SCOASpinone Clubs of America (non-AKC dog breed)
SCOASmithsonian Contributions to Astrophysics (Smithsonian Institute)
SCOASouthern California Outboard Association
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COQUERy-VIDROVITCH, Catherine: "L'impact des interest coloniaux: SCOA et CFAO dans l'Ouest Africain, 1910-1965", The Journal of African History, 16-4 (1975), pp.
The deal between Duke Energy Renewables and SCOA is expected to close in April.
Aunque las expresiones matematicas de los metodos COA y SCOA pueden parecer muy similares, el costo computacional del COA es bastante superior ya que requiere calcular o bien los puntos de interseccion entre cada una de las funciones que intersectan, o bien, algo aun mas costoso, evaluar todas las funciones punto a punto y seleccionar el de mayor valor en cada caso.
The original contract required SCOA to supply 130 Bi-level passenger railcars (42 railcars for Caltrans and 88 for IDOT), while Nippon Sharyo, Ltd.
With a total of 914,774 square feet, Atlanta Financial Center is physically the largest property that SCOA has purchased to date.
SCOA plans to implement renovations that will create a more energy efficient property and raise its profile to the top of the building's class A set.
As a further demonstration of public accountability, transparency and clean governance, which were mentioned in Minister Radebes Budget Vote Speech 2016, the DPME has on behalf of government complied with the request from SCOA for progress reports on the MTSF 2014-2019.
With an average of over 15,000 statements annually, SCOA is aligned to meet increasing patient preference for online payment options, while decreasing overall billing costs by as much as 35 percent.
The team began contributing time and energy to organize a food drive for the SCOA, and experience the service from a project management perspective.
SCOA will operate this well-located quality property and add value by strategic renovation and leasing tenants.
Pink Sheets: SLHJ) sold substantially all of the assets (subject to existing liens), of its sleep diagnostic and therapy business to SCOA Holdings, Inc.