SCOBAStanding Conference of the Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas
SCOBAStanding Conference of Orthodox Bishops in America (New York, NY)
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"We had engineers making those changes within hours or minutes," Scoba says.
The SCOBA Guidelines, of course, were intended to present what is held in common by all the member jurisdictions.
Despite many imperfections of Orthodoxy in America, (90) the separation here is only relative: The bishops do come together in SCOBA, and the O.C.A.
Bishop Dimitrios of Xanthos reported that SCOBA had decided at its meeting in September to receive the Consultation's 1999 agreed statement, "Baptism and 'Sacramental Economy,'" and to forward it to the heads of the autocephalous Orthodox Churches for their information and consideration.
(10) The meetings were sponsored by the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas (SCOBA) and the North American Area of WARC.
I responded by saying, "39,471." The answer to that was, "C'mon Scoba, you know what I mean."
This year, the judging committee includes Chair of the Phoenix Suns Charities Martha Moyer Wagoner and the Valley of the Sun YMCA's president and CEO George Scobas. The winner receives a $250 scholarship to start saving for college.