SCODScottish Council on Deafness (UK)
SCODSoluble Chemical Oxygen Demand
SCODStatic Close Out Date (US Air Force)
SCODSouth Coast One Design (yachting)
SCODSchedule Commercial Operation Date
SCODStudy Commission on Doctrine (Free Methodist Church)
SCODSustainable Cooperative for Organic Development (project; est. 2000)
SCODSonic Cheetahs of Death (band)
SCODSiebel Contact OnDemand
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In Equation (4) and Equation (5), SRT (9C) is the solids retention time (d), Y is biomass yield coefficient (mg VSS/mg sCOD), U is substrate utilization rate, (mg sCOD/mg VSS.
New regular Air Force promotion eligibility cutoff dates for promotions to master sergeant and technical sergeant took effect this past fall to correlate with the new SCODs and in support of the master sergeant promotion process and forced distribution requirements scheduled for implementation beginning in November 2015.
Parameter Unit Range Average Leachate Discharge Standard ph -- 7.97-8.42 8.20 6.0-9.0 Turbidity NTU 31.8-50.0 40.9 -- Suspended solid mg/L 39.0-165.0 102.0 50 Colour PtCo 433.35-2070 1251.68 -- NH3-N mg/L 730-1670 1200 5 TCOD mg/L 615.0-1056.7 835.85 400 SCOD mg/L 550.0-671.67 610.84 -- SCOD/ TCOD % 0.58-0.98 0.78 -- BOD mg/L 27.9-243.30 135.6 20 BOD5/ COD % 0.0452-0.32 0.1826 -- Table 4: Response values for different experimental conditions.
To determine SCOD values, the wastewater was filtered before measurement of COD.
We consider CMS's selection of a data source--average sales price (ASP)--for use in setting Medicare's hospital outpatient rates for drug SCODs to be practical, given available alternatives, but we consider CMS's proposed 2006 rates for drug SCODs to be excessive.
But wisian means "guide, point the way to" not "train," and waldend (ruler) and sceacan (hasten, depart) occupy wide semantic fields and do not, by themselves, suggest the meanings "falconer" and "fly." Indeed, Riddle 20 contains language which strongly mitigates against the hawk solution, especially lines 15b-16a: Oft ic oprum scod / frecne aet his freonde (Often I have injured another, savagely, at his friend's side).
Supreme Court On Disc (SCOD) is extremely easy to install and use.
Increasing of soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD) in the supernatant indicates the breaking of microorganism cell walls thus resulted in reduction of WAS volume which reflected by the decreasing in total suspended solid (TSS) and volatile suspended solid (VSS).
Total solid, volatile solid, pH, soluble chemical oxygen demand (SCOD), total chemical oxygen demand (TCOD), total nitrogen (TN) and ammonium nitrogen (N[H.sub.4.sup.+]-N) were determined according to standard methods (APHA, 1998).