SCOHStanding Committee on Highways (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
SCOHServices to Children in their Own Homes
SCOHSoaring Club of Houston (aviation)
SCOHStichting Christelijk Onderwijs Haaglanden (Dutch: Christian Education Foundation Haaglanden; Haaglanden, Netherlands)
SCOHStanding Committee on Health (various locations)
SCOHSkating Club of Hingham (Massachusetts)
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While negotiations continue on The Agricultural Agreement to reduce trade distortion, the Canadian government may not be willing to consider significant reductions in agricultural support based on health considerations: SCOH, Evidence, No.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that SCOH encourages the FHWA, as steward of the LTPP database, to inform each member agency by August 1998 of the status of the data set, identifying apparent deficiencies for each of its pavement sections, and emphasizing the benefits of continued monitoring of some sections and discontinuation of monitoring of other sections; and
Seventh Continent (SCOH - Hold) yesterday released a neutral July 2010 trading update.
Yesterday, Seventh Continent (SCOH - Hold) released a neutral trading update for 1H10.