SCOHStanding Committee on Highways (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
SCOHServices to Children in their Own Homes
SCOHSoaring Club of Houston (aviation)
SCOHStichting Christelijk Onderwijs Haaglanden (Dutch: Christian Education Foundation Haaglanden; Haaglanden, Netherlands)
SCOHStanding Committee on Health (various locations)
SCOHSkating Club of Hingham (Massachusetts)
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52) Technically, basic groceries are not excepted from the GST/HST but are taxed at 0%: SCOH, Evidence, No.
BE IT RESOLVED FURTHER that the FHWA is encouraged to provide SCOH a progress report in October 1998 and a final report in April 1999 on the status of data collection on the pavement sections on which monitoring will be continued.
All royalties generated through the FHM Agreement will be paid by EMS to SCOH under the EMS Master License Agreement which grants to EMS the exclusive worldwide license to use and grant sublicenses to use the "SCORES" trademarks in connection with the ownership and operation of upscale adult entertainment nightclubs.
These royalties will be paid by EMS directly to SCOH under the Master License Agreement.
Merchandising represents great potential for the SCOH as Scores-branded merchandise has immense appeal to a large demographic segment of the population based upon the $8 billion spent annually on adult video, the Internet and related merchandising.
the "Company") (BULLETIN BOARD: SCOH) Richard Goldring, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SCOH projects operating income for 2003 to nearly double and cash flow to increase.
Through Entertainment Management Services Inc, it's Master Licensee, SCOH grants sublicenses to use the "SCORES" trademarks in connection with the ownership and operation of upscale, adult-entertainment cabaret night clubs/restaurants for a 4.