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SCOLASatellite Communications for Learning
SCOLASutton College of Learning for Adults (UK)
SCOLAStanding Committee on Legal Assistants (American Bar Association)
SCOLAStanding Conference on London Archaeology (est. 1992; UK)
SCOLASecond Consortium of Local Authorities (UK)
SCOLAStanding Committee on Language Articulation (British Columbia, Canada)
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One could easily complete a SCOLA "insta-class" or GLOSS lesson in one hour, so a linguist can sustain language proficiency with minimal impact on mission requirements.
Francis Lajba, president and CEO of SCOLA, says, "Over the years, SCOLA has amassed a wealth of international language resources and materials.
L ~ harmonization of existing features COLCHIC and SCOLA,
Minor change of the graphic COLCHIC and SCOLA (logos, colors, font).
The grass practice green was lost to a disease late last year, but the Scolas are trying to bring it back.