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SCOLASatellite Communications for Learning
SCOLASutton College of Learning for Adults (UK)
SCOLAStanding Committee on Legal Assistants (American Bar Association)
SCOLAStanding Conference on London Archaeology (est. 1992; UK)
SCOLASecond Consortium of Local Authorities (UK)
SCOLAStanding Committee on Language Articulation (British Columbia, Canada)
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One could easily complete a SCOLA "insta-class" or GLOSS lesson in one hour, so a linguist can sustain language proficiency with minimal impact on mission requirements.
We have supported SCOLA with digital hardware, engineering assistance and transponder capacity for the past five years.
In 2005, the probe was shipped out of Worcester because the Scolas had strong ties to the local legal community; she was a secretary for the Worcester Juvenile Court, and he was a former assistant district attorney.