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SCOLESpacecraft Control Laboratory Experiment (NASA)
SCOLEStanding Committee on Library Education (American Library Association)
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long discussions defending the paranormality of many individual events and phenomena, particularly in the Scole case.
About two-thirds added that they were members of these scuole, and to express this membership they used formulas like: "scole in quibus ego sum," "scole in quibus sum consoror," or simply "mee scole."
And now to speke as in final, Touchende that y undirtok In englesch lotto make a book Which stant betwene ernest and game, I have it maad as thilke same Which axe lotto ben excusid, And that my bok be nought refusid Of lered men, whan thei it se, For lak of curiosite: For thilke scole of eloquence Belongith nought to my science, Uppon the forme of rethoriqe My wordis forto peinte and pike, As Tullius som tyme wrot.
SCOLE conducted its series of nationwide focus groups in 1991, COLT
Fontana provides long discussions evaluating the pros and cons in cases of physical mediumship that have aroused much controversy, such as that of Mina Crandon ("Margery") or of Helen Duncan, and long discussions defending the paranormality of many individual events and phenomena, particularly in the Scole case.
Also, in a footnote, he dismisses the "transparently questionable" Scole material (p.
John Knight, from Scole, Norfolk, topped the three-day outing with a 25-pounder that went for a baited metal pirk lure drifted over the wreck.
In which case The Scole Experiment by Grant and Jane Solomon (Piatkus pounds 9.99) may be just what you are looking for.
The Scole Investigation: A Study in Critical Analysis of Paranormal Physical Phenomena.
lStan Mellor and Mark Perrett double up at Huntingdon as Infinity Rules beats Tribute To Youth (David Nicholson/Richard Dunwoody) in the two-mile chase, and So Proud outruns Scole (Ferdy/Declan Murphy) in the novice hurdle.
Pana students and teachers included Brynlee Tipsword and Jeff Scoles, both second graders; Kim Hahnenkamp, second-grade teacher; and Amanda Skinner, technology integration specialist.
(2008), Paiva, Quedes e Funi (2011) e Scoles e Gribel (2012; 2015), que tem observado que a dispersao de sementes nao intencional realizada pelos extrativistas durante as etapas de coleta, transporte e armazenamento de sementes e que os disturbios no dossel praticados por atividades humanas como a limpeza da base das castanheiras e a aberturas de picadas e o corte seletivo de madeira tem maior importancia na manutencao e no rejuvenescimento dos castanhais do que a taxa de coleta de frutos e sementes (SCOLES; GRIBEL, 2012; 2015; SOUZA; ALMEIDA; AMARAL, 2014).