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SCOLESpacecraft Control Laboratory Experiment (NASA)
SCOLEStanding Committee on Library Education (American Library Association)
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By digging deeper into the organisms that survive on the arid environments, Cabrol could have a better understanding of the period when life was still possible on Mars, Scoles said.
These tools really improve patient satisfaction, plus our portal solution distinguishes us compared with other health networks in the community," Scoles says.
This year we put it at the end of May, hoping for some better weather," Scoles said.
Scoles has extensive experience within the progressive wing of the Brethren movement.
C 282) 1 (EC); 1 DICEY & MORRIS, supra note 32, at 1222, 1232, [paragraph][paragraph] 32-077, 32-100, A different interpreation is advocated by SCOLES ET AL.
Sponsors Mark Benjamin, Intercity Mobile Communications' David Smith, Churchill Vinters and Hoar Cross owner Stephen Joynes present the award to Helen and Barry Scoles Picture, MARK THEISINGER
LANCASTER - Antelope Valley Transit Authority paratransit van driver Brian Scoles has been recognized for giving superior service to his disabled passengers.
Education officer Brian Scoles says: "The theme this year is the sea, partly because travel is the theme of national museums and galleries month and because of our exhibition of Turner's early seascapes.
Per le edizioni veneziane di Celestina, vedi Emma Scoles 209-30.
Giacinto Scoles of Princeton University favors a different interpretation: The characteristic energy level isn't observed because at 0.
See 2 Restatement (Second) of Conflict of Laws [sections] 283 (1971); Scoles & Hay, supra note 7, [sections] 13.
Scoles and Siegel (1986) have found that rats tend to move to the side of the conditioning chamber in which they have spent the least amount of time.