SCOMAScientific Computing and Optimization in Multidisciplinary Applications (Finland)
SCOMAShipping Control Office, Marianas (US Navy)
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Worcester tied it when Jerod Edmondson hit a sky-high popup in front of home plate that dropped in front of Chacin, Scoma and catcher Billy Alvino after no one took charge in attempting to catch it.
CV11-0798 (fracture stimulation claim jettisoned and remaining allegations dismissed); Scoma, No.
Scoma's has established Scoma's Restaurant Retail Foods, LLC to market its signature crab cakes to the retail trade.
At the touristy Fisherman's Wharf, the award-winning Scoma's Restaurant oilers some of the best sustainable seafood on the West coast.
Ananda Ranasinghe 15 Mark Roeder 98 Melissa Romero 100 Lily Sam 29 Sergio Sandoval 66 Donna Schroeder 90 Samuel Scoma 67 Sarine Shahmirian 122 Elizabeth Shimer 105 Christopher Solek 28 Matthew Sutton 33 Ariel Takayanagi 112 Danielle Trathen 101 Stephen Trbovich 77 Kent D.
Ott's description of the unconventional Harkness class structure, as well as David Scoma and Brenda G.
LIKE MANY OF MY NEIGHBORS, I learned to tell high tide by the markings on the wooden piers at Scoma's restaurant, an oldie but goodie along our town's well-visited southern waterfront.
"We are looking to begin our relationship with our customer at this stage, but we want to continue that relationship through the life of our customer," Christina Scoma, regional marketing manager for IKEA, told HFN.
An alarmed Dockery phoned Anthony Scoma, pastor of the nearby Southwest Family Fellowship and a friend who'd been counseling the couple through Carmody's emotional troubles.