SCONServer CONsolidation
SCONSerial Port Control Register (Intel 8051 Microcontroller)
SCONScheme Contracted-Out Number (UK)
SCONStudent Consultant (University of New Mexico)
SCONSporting Clubs of Niagara (Canada)
SCONSamaritan College of Nursing (Grand Canyon University; Phoenix, AZ)
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Fascinating - but unreliable, as SCON is not an acronym.
I suppose it could be argued that SCON is perhaps an accidental acronym because Scon happens to be a place in Western Australia - but so far I have Googled in vain to find anything to confirm this.
We identified all SCoN to the species level and compared the use of cefoxitin disks (30 [micro]g) with oxacillin disks (1 [micro]g), agar dilution (MIC of oxacillin), and mecA gene detection, in isolates of coagulase-negative other than Staphylococcus epidermidis (SCoNne).
A total of 238 samples of SCoNne were analyzed, from a collection of samples of SCoN of the Gram-positive Cocci Laboratory of the UFCSPA, stored in skim milk (Difco, Detroit) at -20[degrees]C.
Various phenotypic methods were employed to identify SCoN, including morphology of the colonies, antimicrobial resistance, hemolytic activity, enzymatic activity in different substrates and acid production from carbohydrates.
Molecular methods based on the analysis of products from PCR have been developed for SCoN identification, giving improved consistency and speed [19,22].
in 2006 found a lower sensitivity for the cefoxitin disk (84%) than that obtained with the oxacillin disk (87%), in a study performed with isolates of SCoN other than S.
"Nay, it's nither scone nor scon. It's a sco-an," he said, creating two sounds where previously only one had existed.
At Slaithwaite CC - Bob Owen and Bett Owen (BOCC) v J Kaye and M Gilbert (BOBC), B Bailey and W Bailey (MBC) v V Haigh and J D Haigh (MBC), J Armitage and F Armitage (SCon) v E Hewson and S Smith (MBC), M Clifford and G Armitage (SBroom) v B Green and E Fowler (BOBC).
At Slaithwaite Bandroom - M Field and A Roberts (BOCC) v R Harrison and K Hatzer (SCC), E Miller and P Gant (BOBC) v S Hoyle and S Rushworth (BOCC), K Dack and B Emms (LHall) v A Wrigley and D Hoyle (BOBC), Winners of above v S T Armitage and S Hemingway (SCon).
At Broad Oak CC - A Bamforth and S Senior (LHall) v D Williams and P Cook (SBroom), A Cope and D Cope (LHall) v B Bamforth and E Weaving (SCon), G Hirst and M Hollingworth (SCon) v M Armitage and S Armitage (SCon), Winners of above v B Smith and C Woods (SCon).
At Slaithwaite Hall - T Pollard and L Calvert (MBC) v A Wrigley and D Woodhouse (BOBC), P Smith and M Eccles (SCon) v M Field and A Roberts (BOCC), R Hoyle and S Wood (SBroom) v B Green and D Hoyle (BOBC), V Hawkins and A Taylor (SCC) v J Armitage and F Armitage (SCon).