SCONDVAStanding Committee On National Defence and Veterans Affairs (Canada)
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CF military personnel can't come to Parliament Hill to protest, to address SCONDVA.
When I made a presentation to the SCONDVA Committee, I concluded with the following statement: "For 25 years, while in the Army, I trained to circle the wagons facing outwards towards the enemy, only to come to the realization that the enemy was within.
In addition, the report makes recommendations about raising or expanding certain CF units that make no sense and were never the subject of any presentation to SCONDVA.
Major General (retired) Lewis MacKenzie, as a member of the Council, gave the best assessment of the CF today when he told SCONDVA, in part, that ".
Although General Belzile's statements were couched in diplomatic speech, he told SCONDVA on 26 April of this year that "Recently, we [CDA] have become concerned over the perception that the Canadian Forces are able to meet all their commitments, and are more combat capable than they were ten years ago.
As well, his briefing described a detailed study being undertaken by CDA concerning the readiness and funding of the CF that will be completed and presented to SCONDVA this September.
To ensure Canadians are getting value for money, projects should be critically examined by SCONDVA.
Their responsibilities being first and foremost to the nation, generals should be unhesitant to appear in front of the SCONDVA before receiving their generalship warrant from the Commander-in-Chief.