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SCOOPSpring Championship of Online Poker (tournament)
SCOOPSouth Central Oklahoma Oil Province (energy exploration region)
SCOOPSURA Coastal Ocean Observing and Prediction
SCOOPSilicon-Compatible Optoelectronics
SCOOPSystem of Control Oriented Oceanographic Parameters
SCOOPSampson County Organization Outreach Post (Sampson County, NC)
SCOOPShip's Coordinated Offload and Outfitting Plan
SCOOPSupport Plan / Continuity of Operations Plan
SCOOPSubmarine Continuity of Operations
SCOOPSupport Plan to Continuity of Operations Plan
SCOOPSystem Concept of Operation Outline Plan
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'Just so,' said Mr Meagles, with his hands in his pockets, and with the old business expression of face that had belonged to the scales and scoop.
'No doubt, no doubt,' said Mr Meagles, with the caution belonging to the scales and scoop.
'Just so, just so,' said Mr Meagles, with arithmetical solidity belonging to the scales and scoop.
With the blade he loosened up the earth, and with his hands he scooped it out until he had excavated a little cavity a few inches in diameter, and five or six inches in depth.
They had wandered around, and around, in the blinding snow-storm, hopelessly lost, in a space only a hundred yards square; and when cold and fatigue vanquished them at last, they scooped their cave and lay down there to die by inches, UNAWARE THAT FIVE STEPS MORE WOULD HAVE BROUGHT THEM INTO THE TRUTH PATH.
The vegetation in these valleys is much more abundant than near the coast; in fact, it is these fertile intervals, locked up between rocky sierras, or scooped out from barren wastes, that population must extend itself, as it were, in veins and ramifications, if ever the regions beyond the mountains should become civilized.
In the rear wall was another little cave; a round hole, not much bigger than an oil barrel, scooped out in the black earth.
She borrowed a small saucer, and scooped up the dough with her paws.
But, ere the good man drank, he turned his face heavenward in thankfulness, and then, holding back his gray beard with one hand, he scooped up his simple draught in the hollow of the other.
Tarzan scooped a shallow grave for the Kincaid's cook, beneath whose repulsive exterior had beaten the heart of a chivalrous gentleman.
He even went into the woods and scooped armfuls of last year's fallen leaves which he scattered over the slide.
At the grassroots level, Ben & Jerry's is deploying its Scoop Truck in various states to spark conversations, activate community members, and give away ice cream.A It's a tactic that has proven effective in growing social movements.