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SCOPStanding Committee on Procedure
SCOPSpecial Committee on Palestine (UN)
SCOPStructural Classification Of Proteins
SCOPSeasonal Coefficient of Performance (energy efficiency)
SCOPStanding Committee on Paralegals (American Bar Association)
SCOPStanding Conference of Principals (England & Northern Ireland)
SCOPState Committee of Psychologists (Missouri)
SCOPStatewide Compliance and Outreach Program (California)
SCOPState Company for Oil Projects (Iraq)
SCOPSupermarket Code of Practice (UK)
SCOPStore Controllable Operating Profit
SCOPSafeway Category Optimization Process
SCOPScanning Code of Practice
SCOPSelect Committee on Ocean Policy
SCOPSystem Concept Option Plan
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Scop treatment significantly slowed the learning speed of mice.
But it is not easy to take care of young scops owls as they need special care.
In this study, no climate and building specific analysis for the specific SCOP (HSPF) value of the heat pump systems was done.
When a significant number of west coast artists won awards in Newfoundland and Labrador's Arts and Letters Competition in 2005, Scop threw a party for those artists who could not travel to St John's to receive their awards (there is no funding for such travel).
SCOP specialists will be looking for these types of licenses and permits during their visits.
The scop had a memorized stock of half-lines that he could combine in new patterns and vary to suit the details of his narration.
Gauthier Mestrallet, CEO of the tri-vales (participative cooperative society) scop, based in Albertville (Savoie), explains how started their activity of collection and valorization of used skis eleven years ago: "The community of Versants d'Aime, who understands in its territory the station of La Plagne, asked us to find a solution to its problem: skips submerged each year by tons of skis.
However, the authorities kept in detention the leaders of the SCoP and the Sudanese Communist Party (SCP).
multi-class classifier) to predict the SCOP superfamily of each protein in the data set.
Organized under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and President of HBMeU, ICDE SCOP 2012 witnessed the largest gathering of ICDE members, particularly presidents of open and distance learning universities from around the world, in addition to regional and international ministers, to discuss various challenges and barriers associated with the implementation of ODE in the Arab region and around the world.
Summary: DUBAI - Hamdan bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU), a leader in the field of e-Learning and quality management in the Arab World, announced that it has been unanimously voted as the next host of the International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE) Standing Conference of Presidents (SCOP) during the SCOP 2011 meeting held recently at the State University of New York Empire State College in New York, USA.