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SCOPAStanding Committee on Public Accounts (South Africa)
SCOPASamoa College Old Pupils Association
SCOPAStanding Committee on Professional Awareness (Yale University; New Haven, CT)
SCOPAStudent Chapter Outstanding Performance Award (Association of Information Technology Professionals)
SCOPASouth Carolina Organ Procurement Agency, Inc. (Charleston, SC)
SCOPAStanding Conference on Portable Antiquities (England, UK)
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"We want to categorically emphasize that we are adopting Eskom as one of our key focus areas until we bring all the Eskom matters to a logical conclusion," said SCOPA chairperson Mkhuleko Hlengwa.
Among others they are characterized by having narrow foveae and unusually short hairs of the scopa. LaBerge (1964) supposed, that Elandrena has to be synonymized with Scaphandrena.
The study by Scopa et al (14) approximated our study and that of Kotwall et al because it reviewed 201 consecutive lumpectomy specimens of which 131 (65.2%) were various types of invasive ductal carcinoma.
the ventral scopa used as a pollen collecting structure, is a morphological trait that probably enables these bees to collect pollen from Ludwigia flowers very efficiently.
SCOPA, they're looking at the auditor general's report and trying to take action on each one of her recommendations and the recommendation to develop a national strategy on mold has been omitted," said Wolski.
DeLonghi has upgraded the feature package on its Scopa series.
Like all megachilids, the anthidiine females are provided with rows of stiff bristles on the underside of their metasoma forming a pollen brush or "scopa" in which the pollen is transported back to the nest.
Very common was the punishment of la scopa. In 1496 the wife of a police captain was scopata because she was guilty of illicit love affairs.