References in classic literature ?
It puts aside, obscures, or takes the place of something else--just as the head of a pin placed before the centre of the iris will block out the whole scope of vision.
The world and all its action, as a show of thought, that is the scope of his work.
But there is so little scope for the imagination in an asylum--only just in the other orphans.
There'd be no scope for imagination then, would there?
While it appears to have been a hymn of the longer type (15), we have no evidence to show either its scope or date.
If, on the other hand, he take pleasure in naval tactics, he will assuredly have full scope for his taste.
I can scarcely analyze these feelings: but it must be partly owing to the free scope given to the imagination.
Thus doth the master give free scope to his slaves, and even enjoyeth their presumptuousness.
The scope of the Library thus became extended into something more international, and it is entering on the fifth decade of its existence in the hope that it may contribute to that mutual understanding between countries which is so pressing a need of the present time.
It will be of far wider scope, and will touch on almost all questions.
There is no scope whatever for such schemes and intrigues as you and all the rest of them delight in.
The requirement to determine and disclose the scope of work is a requirement of the 2005 USPAP, as is the requirement to develop credible assignment results.