SCOPICSocial Contexts of Pathways in Crime (UK, ESRC-funded research program)
SCOPICSpecial Compensation P&I (Protection and Indemnity) Club Clause (salvage contracts)
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In this sequence, both Helena and the audience initially assume that Sebastian takes the same scopic pleasure in the scene as does a hetero-normative audience because of the adoring look in his eyes.
Scopic is further working to use the AR assisted technology in Neurosurgery and to locate tumours faster.
Against this background, the study looks at the scopic regimes of computer-mediated volunteer production and how its ways of seeing, knowing, and governing are managed.
Al Hayat International Hospital announced in a press release that its team of laparoA[degrees] scopic surgeons has completA[degrees] ed more than 50 laparoscopic obesity and metabolic surgerA[degrees] ies (to reduce weight and to control diabetes) in the last 18 months without a single serious complication.
For the study, the investigators compared biopsy reports and micro scopic slides of Mohs micrographie surgery (MMS) specimens from 871 consecutive cases of BCC treated at three hospitals in Illinois from 2013 to 2014.
Thus, for example, a chapter entitled the "Scopic Regime of Rapid Dominance" is more a critique--and a debatable one at that--of the Revolution in Military Affairs, the rise of precision weaponry, and effects-based operations--than "verticality" per se.
Endo scopic examination of the nasal cavity revealed the presence of a red-blue tumor that had almost completely filled the nasopharynx.
Last year, Lewis and her students showed they could print the micro scopic electrodes and other components needed for tiny lithium-ion batteries (see "Printing Batteries," January/February).
The above case represents a scenario of a patient with a typical history of DCM undergoing laparo- scopic cholecystectomy.
Some viewers will experience the blinding transition between rooms of red, green, and blue as a commentary on such modern concerns as post-painterly abstraction or scopic regimes.
Commenting on the scopic dimension of her plays, Parks confessed, "I like to sit and watch people watching violence" (David Savran, "Suzan-Lori Parks," The Playwright's Voice [New York: TCG, 1991]: 155).