SCORASouthern California Outrigger Racing Association
SCORAStanding Committee on Reproductive Health including AIDS
SCORAStatewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Assessment (Colorado)
SCORAStanding Committee of Residents Associations
SCORASouthern California Ocean Racing Association
SCORASociété Corrézienne Automobile (French automotive company)
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Citing the Keshavananda Bharti case, senior lawyer appearing for SCORA F.
Estos tipos de climas en los que esta establecido el aguacate en Michoacan corresponden a las caracteristicas propias de climas tropicales (Newett et al., 2007; Whinley et al., 2007; Wolstenholme, 2007), que son el centro de origen de las dos razas (guatemalteca y mexicana) de las que proviene esta variedad (Berght y Whitsell, 1973; Salazar-Garcia, 2002; Scora et al., 2007).
Appropriately enough Eeric Scora scored Kilmarnock's consolation at Parkhead and Locke has been impressed by his contribution.
medica) and a lime (Barrett and Rhodes 1976; Scora 1975) or a hybrid of citron and sour orange (Gulsen and Roose 2001; Nicolosi et al.
Seeking the quashing of the Bill, all four petitioners -- Supreme Court Advocates on Records Association ( SCORA), whose petition was drafted by Nariman, former Additional Solicitor General Bishwajit Bhattacharya, and lawyers R.
Scora (1975) and Barrett and Rhodes (1976) suggested that there are only three 'basic' true species of Citrus within the subgenus Citrus as defined by Swingle: Citron (C.
--the automated assembly and testing station, serviced by the SCORA ER-14 robot;