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SCOREService Corps Of Retired Executives
SCORESearch Company Reports
SCORESchools of California Online Resources for Education
SCORESystematic Coronary Risk Evaluation (cardiology)
SCORESikh Council on Religion and Education
SCORESupport Centre for Open Resources in Education (UK)
SCOREStove for Cooking, Refrigeration, and Electricity (Biomass-to-energy poverty project; University of Nottingham, UK)
SCORESupporting Cooperation for Research and Education (University of Turin; Italy)
SCORESupplier Cost Reduction Effort
SCORESupport of Continuous Research Excellence
SCOREStanding Committee on Research Exchange
SCORESingapore Corporation of Rehabilitative Enterprises
SCOREStockholm Centre for Organizational Research
SCORESouth Carolina Oyster Restoration and Enhancement
SCORESignal Communication by Orbiting Relay Equipment
SCORESolution for Compliance in a Regulated Environment (IBM)
SCORESolar Convection and Oscillations and Their Relationship
SCORESafety Critical, Object Oriented, Real Time Embedded (software design tools)
SCOREStream Computations Organized for Reconfigurable Execution
SCORESummary of Current Offshore Rig Economics
SCORESouthern California Off Road Enthusiasts
SCORESpinal Cord Opportunities for Rehabilitation Endowment
SCOREService of Coordinated Operational Emergency & Rescue Using EGNOS
SCORESME Collaborative Research
SCOREStateless Core
SCORESymbolic Computation Research Group (Japan)
SCORESuzuki Cappuccino Owners Register for Enthusiasts
SCORESouth Central Organization of Researchers and Educators
SCORESanta Cruz Ocean Racing Extravaganza (Santa Cruz, CA)
SCORESelf-Coherence Restoral (beamforming)
SCOREStudent Course Online Registration Engine
SCORESwiss Clinicians Opting for Research
SCORESouthern California Off-shore Range
SCORESchools Cooperative Opportunities for Resources and Education
SCORESanta Cruz Online Reality Education
SCORESales and Customer Service Occupational Readiness Education
SCORESelf-Contained Off-World Residential Environment
SCOREScope, Cost and Risk Evaluation
SCOREService Code Online Report
SCOREStudent Community for Outreach Retention and Excellence
SCOREStrengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Risks and Expectations (analysis)
SCORESIGINT Classification Of Recognized Emitters
SCORESatellite Cost Reduction System (NASA)
SCORESecurity Consensus for Operational Readiness Evaluation (SANS/GIAC and the Center for Internet Security)
SCORESpace Communications for Orbiting Relay Equipment
SCOREScientific Committee on Ocean Research Satellite Equipment
SCORESouthern Company Operating and Relaying Engineers
SCORESOUTHCOM Relocation Effort
SCORESelective Conversion & Retention Program
SCORESymptoms, Causes, Outcomes, Resources and Effects (model)
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At last the company targets were decided, and Tepus, as was expected, led the score, having made six exact centers in succession.
It contains fifteen score nobles, or near a hundred pounds.
No creature other than a score or so of our sacred banths has left Lothar to-day," he replied.
A score of brave shots were gathered there, and among them some of the keenest hands at the longbow in Lincoln and Nottinghamshire; and among them Little John stood taller than all the rest.
In a moment the blacks had scattered for their lives, but of the score that had crept down the grassy sides of the promontory only a single warrior managed to escape the horde that had overwhelmed his people.
I be in a great hurry, so I would prefer to take my great and good friend, Peter of Colfax, without interference; but, if you wish it otherwise; we be a score strong within your walls, and nigh a thousand lie without.
I am glad that he was unable to find larger missiles, say stones weighing two or three pounds, for we were no more than a score of feet away, and he surely would have killed us.
One fragment, fully five pounds in weight, crashed on the log alongside of me, and such was its impact that it drove a score of splinters, like fiery needles, into my leg.
Before sitting down to it, he opens his corner- cupboard door; takes his bit of chalk from its shelf; adds one thick line to the score, extending from the top of the cupboard door to the bottom; and then falls to with an appetite.
He was followed by others--both bulls and females with young, until two score hairy monsters stood glaring at the three.
Be easy on that score, doctor, and trust to your two body-guards.
A mania for purchasing spread itself throughout the several bands--munitions for war, for hunting, for gallantry, were seized upon with equal avidity--rifles, hunting knives, traps, scarlet cloth, red blankets, garish beads, and glittering trinkets, were bought at any price, and scores run up without any thought how they were ever to be rubbed off.