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SCORMShareable Content Object Reference Model (web-based e-learning standard)
SCORMSharable Content Object Reference Metadata
SCORMShared Courseware Object Reference Model
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This creative new app merges the desirable flexibility of SCORM with the convenience of a comprehensive cloud-based program and the unbridled power of SharePoint.
In simple terms, SCORM is like the DVD standard for distributing digital films.
Further, we describe how to apply the model to compose a SCORM content aggregation model, and we show how the model is automatically packaged into the manifests.
The purpose of this article is to introduce the SCORM framework and its origins, to present an overview of the two main components, and to discuss lessons learned by adopting the SCORM standards in a production environment.
In this article, we will describe SCORM, a collection of specifications that aim to standardize content management.
The SCORM is a collection of specifications adapted from multiple sources that enables interoperability and reusability of Web-based content.
As an early adopter of SCORM specifications, THINQ will continue to drive standards that ensure seamless integration with our LMS and recently launched Content Compatibility Centre, a tool specifically designed to allow content providers and customers developing proprietary e-learning content to test their courses with the THINQ LMS.
Forterra Systems, along with its partners IDSI and Rustici Software, won special recognition for being the first virtual world company to integrate SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) content into its OLIVE[TM] (On-Line Interactive Virtual Environment) software.
com)-- Elearningforce ANZ`s new learning application The SCORM Player 365 is now released.
The kit is Shareable Content Object Reference Model 2004 and SCORM 1.
This paper presents a project at an educational software production company that has decided to change its production line to conform to the SCORM standards.
SCORM is already seen by many UK educational and government organisations as the key to the future distribution of e-learning content.