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SCORPStatewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan
SCORPStanding Committee on Refugees and Peace
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According to the SCORP report, Ohio, ranks among the bottom states in per capita availability of outside recreation lands.
Example: Same as above, except that Scorp's qualifying purchases total $204,000.
So don't sweat it, queer Scorp. Just let your actions speak louder and prouder than your words.
Ground-breaking." But there's nothing wrong with keeping it classic, Scorp. Dealing with all sorts of craziness has you super stressed lately--time to get back to basics, babe.
Whatever you have to say now, gay Scorp, let the thought swirl in your head before you release them.
But you can handle it, queer Scorp, even if there are times when you feel that you can't.
A spontaneous Scorp you are not (we can tell by your perfectly penciled-in planner and insane iCal, btw).
Don't rely on your intuition to guide you now, queer Scorp. Even though you are acutely strategic and prescient, you may be off-base in your assumptions, 'especially at work.
Your creativity hits a high note now, queer Scorp, even if you can't sing.