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SCOTASouth Carolina Occupational Therapy Association
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The Sisters of Scota stepped up to the plate--er, road--and will do it again in 2007.
During her research she came across numerous references to a mysterious Princess Scota who was described by early Irish scholars as a dark-skinned daughter of an Egyptian king.
Alexander was sixteen when he took his place on the hallowed coronation stone at Scone -- according to legend, it was the stone on which Jacob slept at Bethel when he dreamed of angels going up and down between heaven and earth -- and the King's lineage was ceremoniously recited all the way back to Kenneth MacAlpine and beyond him to Scota, the daughter of Pharaoh.
They claim descent from Scota, legendary queen of the Scots.
Because of my British Airways background I was asked to become involved in teaching it to oil and gas industry and I ended up going, as a British Airways employee, to SCOTA (the Scottish offshore Training Association) in Altens where the Petrofac Survival Centre is now.
There, he claims, Scota, the half-sister of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, arrived by boat 3,500 years ago and buried a huge haul of treasure.
Although underbidder on the two top-priced colts, Bullard did not leave empty handed, picking up a Tiger Hill colt out of the unraced Doyoun mare Salka for 120,000 (pounds 81,627) and an Acatenango colt out of Marju mare Scota for 64,000 (pounds 43,534).
Supposedly a princess, Smenkhare Scota fled Egypt with her followers around 1350 BC.
It's claimed Scota fell out with her father and fled Egypt to a group of windswept islands off the northwest coast of Europe.
Frontman Andrew Stockdale's Scota reference sparked a mass clap-along for the Aussie three-piece.