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SCOTISharing Career Opportunities and Training Information (Ohio)
SCOTISonomatic Confirmation of Tracheal Intubation (pharmacology)
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(26) 'Inis Bofinde means in the language of the Scoti "the island of white calf', that is "the island of the white heffer"'.
Ifs heg ets overthetrip well,I personally can'ts eea nything beating her.N othingagainstthe otherho rsesthat havet ravelled toA scoti nthepast, butsheisin a leagueo fherown.
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According to Frank Lestringant: In a fundamental way, the "humble" propopsal is no stranger to the traditional prejudices targeted at the "savage" Irish, anthropophagus in intention and in deeds, formerly and presently, or rather potentially, cannibals, probable descendants, as it was once thought, of the ancient Scythes and "Scoti," who drank with equal eagerness the blood of their horses and their enemies.