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SCOTSSurveillance & Control of Transmission Systems
SCOTSSouthern Culture On The Skids
SCOTSStandards-based Commercial Off the Shelf
SCOTSSpecial Committee on Transportation Security (American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials)
SCOTSStudent Centered On-Line Transaction System
SCOTSSwitch Circuit Order Tracking System
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Later, I served under the Warden of Berwick, that very John Copeland of whom our friend spake, the same who held the King of Scots to ransom.
I have heard that the Scots are good men of war," said Hordle John.
But it is not nature that an English-born man should love a Scot or a Frenchman.
Immediately we halted, and though it was at a great distance, we fired, and sent them leaden bullets for wooden arrows, following our shot full gallop, to fall in among them sword in hand--for so our bold Scot that led us directed.
Many of Burns' poems are in the Lowland Scots dialect; a few are wholly in ordinary English; and some combine the two idioms.
The Scot talked of the past; the doctor busily prepared for the future.
And so saying, the gallant Scot gave way to a genuine explosion of wrath.
As we love to celebrate the life and times of Robert Burns on the week beginning January 22 we organised a Scots week for the school but also included some other languages.
Scots is a language in its own right, having a separate linguistic history to that of English (McClure 2009: 13-14).
The language is nicely balanced between correct but less well known Scots words (oxters, scrieve, perjink) and the Scots which is more a representation of the accent (speylt, meeserable, freend) meaning that is not too intimidating for those less familiar with the language.
How to send us your Great Scots story To enter, visit www.
And how many Scots living and working outside of Scotland couldn't vote but still consider themselves as Scots?