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SCOTUSSupreme Court of the United States
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BACKGROUND--the June 2017 SCOTUS and October 2017 SCOTUS Orders
It was well-known that the SCOTUS decision in Hair Expressions would impact the Dana's RR Supply case.
Third, the Scotus normally reviews only final judgments, not interlocutory orders like the one issued by the Seattle Court and affirmed by the USCA.
While the last hope for this case may be an appeal for SCOTUS to hear it, by then, how do you anticipate a newly shaped SCOTUS to decide?
A SCOTUS ruling that favors Varsity--and proffers a single test for determining whether a design is conceptually separable from its utilitarian function--would likely provide the fashion industry with reasonably more confidence in the ability to protect through copyright certain design elements of apparel and accessories.
More information on SCOTUS and the Senate Judiciary Committee can be found at: www.
The June 26 decision of SCOTUS is not only a judicial endorsement of a retrograde political agenda which is destructive of social harmony, it is also spurious in the sense that it has attempted to redefine "reality" itself.
What one should remember is that this was a SCOTUS that made several landmark decisions; it bent over backward to support the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and it ruled in favor of gay marriage, but the regulatory overreach by the Obama administration and the EPA was too much even for this court.
SCOTUS Jerusalem decision shows limits of Israel lobbies The Israeli lobby in the US has traditionally had large amounts of political influence, which is one of the reasons Washington has so staunchly supported the Israeli government, But is the recent court decision over the status of Jerusalem on passports indicative of a slipping of the lobbyists' power, as the battleground in which the Palestine-Israel conflict is fought internationally shifts towards a more legal, rather than political, field?
As a transgender woman, and as it is considered in this SCOTUS case, my own knowledge of my femaleness is not generally taken into consideration.
The SCOTUS decision seems to solidify the "ongoing duty to monitor [investments]" as a fiduciary duty separate and distinct from the duty to exercise prudence in selecting investments for use on a defined contribution (DC) plan investment menu.