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SCOTVECScottish Vocational Educational Council
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Our study suggests that British employers could easily shift part of the cost of technician and craft training to colleges of Further Education and to the individual by recruiting trainee technicians and craft workers at 18 (instead of at 16) after they have obtained a BTEC or SCOTVEC (Ordinary) National qualification by full-time study in a FE college.
Cliftonhill is now an approved centre and we offer SCOTVEC modular courses in sports recreation to SVQ levels two and three.
After attending a SCOTVEC interior design course at Falkirk College, Trish had never put her decorating ideas into practice.
The SQA, which took over the functions of the Scottish Examination Board and SCOTVEC last year, is now responsible for most of Scotland's qualifications.
She had previously attended a 20-week SCOTVEC course in interior design at Falkirk College, which she says probably helped her to avoid some of the common errors.
Managing director George Watson says proudly: "All the staff have been trained in food hygiene and they are now going for SCOTVEC certificates in food handling, processing and packaging.