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SCOUGSouthern California OS/2 User Group
SCOUGSouth Central Oracle Users Group (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas)
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However, one of the SCOUG questions did ask if the database allowed for user suggestions to correct errors.
SCOUG also asks several questions about KWIC (key word in context) display.
A sign of how much the Web has changed the online environment may be found in the fact that only one review mentioned the existence or use of a thesaurus--one of the specific issues in the SCOUG list of questions on this topic.
The rest of the SCOUG questions, referring to the more traditional databases, are not mentioned at all--e.
None of the sample answered the other sorts of questions suggested by SCOUG.
SCOUG also presented guidelines for three specific kinds of files--bibliographic, full text, and directory, these being the main types of files at the time the guidelines were produced.
There are a number of other lists of criteria similar to the SCOUG and Georgia lists, although possibly not as elaborate.
Based heavily on the SCOUG criteria, a survey was sent to EUROLUG members in twelve European nations with separate forms being used for CD-ROM and for online databases.
Under her energetic leadership, we held workshops and conferences and the wonderful SCOUG Retreats to help us keep ahead of these burgeoning information resources.
By the way, this year's SCOUG retreat plans to dream constructively about the ideal information vendor.
Other attendees, according to one source, included: Myra Grenier, president of SEEK Information Service, Sandra Tung, of Savage Information Service, Bill Richardson of the Santa Barbara Public Library, a representative of the National Online Circuit, Barbara Quint, SCOUG founder and editor of Meckler Publishing Corp.