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SCOUTScalable Object Tracking Through Unattended Techniques
SCOUTSolid Controlled Orbital Utility Test
SCOUTSmart User-Centric Communication Environment
SCOUTSpace Construction and Orbital Utility Transport (University of Maryland Space Systems)
SCOUTSurface Craft for Oceanographic and Undersea Testing (MIT)
SCOUTScience Crew Operations Utility Testbed
SCOUTSurface Controlled Oxide Unipolar Transistor
SCOUTSearching for Certificate-Paths for Obtaining User-Friendly Validation of Trust
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And now we are back at Fort Paxton once more, after a forty-day scout, away up as far as the Big Horn.
Potter has no imagination, and no great deal of culture, perhaps, but he has a historical mind and a good memory, and so he is the person I depend upon mainly to post me up when I get back from a scout. That is, if Shekels is out on depredation and I can't get hold of him.
"No honest man will deny it," said the scout, a little nettled at the implied distrust of his explanation of the mystery of the tides; "and I grant that it is true on the small scale, and where the land is level.
"Graves bring solemn feelings over the mind," returned the scout, a good deal touched at the calm suffering of his companion; "and they often aid a man in his good intentions; though, for myself, I expect to leave my own bones unburied, to bleach in the woods, or to be torn asunder by the wolves.
"These Indians know the nature of the woods, as it might be by instinct!" returned the scout, dropping his rifle, and turning away like a man who was convinced of his error.
"'Twas done with Indian skill," said the scout laughing inwardly, but with vast satisfaction; "and 'twas a pretty sight to behold!
"'Nay, I beheld their chief,' replied the scout, 'tall as a glittering rock.
Then Cathullin bade the scout summon his warriors to council.
Isn't it droll that I never go out after dark, but I find myself attended, always by one scout, and often by two?'
I never go out after dark, but I find myself in the ludicrous situation of being followed and observed at a distance, always by one scout, and often by two.'
'Your subject,' said Mortimer, after lighting a cigar, and comforting himself with a whiff or two, 'was scouts, Eugene.'
They are the scouts I speak of, as doing me the honour to attend me after dark.'