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SCOWSupply Chain Operations Wing (US Air Force)
SCOWSailing Club of Washington (Washington, DC; est. 1966)
SCOWState Council on Waterways (Waterford, NY)
SCOWSub Committee on Older Women (Non-Governmental Organization Committee on the Status of Women)
SCOWStanding Committee on Women
SCOWSki Council of Wales (UK)
SCOWSoccer Council of Waxhaw (youth soccer; Waxhaw, NC)
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self-propelled vessels, canal boats, scows, car floats, barges,
We didn't give a specific method (of removal); we just gave that direction," Scow told the Review-Journal.
Cairo, July 23 (BNA): Egypt's Interior ministry says at least 15 civilians have drowned when a passenger boat traveling down the Nile near Cairo collided with a scow, causing the boat to capsize, according to AP.
In the midst of a severe drought, the governor continues to allow corporate farms and oil interests to deplete and pollute our precious groundwater resources that are crucial for saving water,'' Adam Scow, California director of the group Food & Water Watch, said in a written statement.
In the center of the bay, on Charity Island, the scow Emily went aground.
There is the young boy who gets left behind on the docks of the dark night of the Danube when the Struma, an old scow that a group
To facilitate emptying the captured fish into a scow, some traps had a "spiller" adjacent to the pot and connected with it by another tunnel.
There are signs that UV LED is moving beyond niche into higher volume segments in SCOW European countries, such as sheetkx7I printing, where the technology has the advantage of being able to provide high color strength.
IN the 100D for scoW the wh SteP com RE chiS Xav Lyo a JI the aw the beaW Page Celtic are now sixth after a mprehensive 4-0 win over Litherland EMYCA.
Alfred Scow, the first Aboriginal judge ever appointed to B.
Adam Scow of Food & Water Watch argues that conservation of water is the better strategy and notes that "the technology is being pushed by private interests looking to profit from the sale of water while sticking the public with its high financial and environmental costs.
MO SCOW, (SANA)- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov reiterated on Tuesday his country's readiness to support any decision that will be taken by the Syrian people in the framework a national comprehensive dialogue.