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Her scowl,--as the world, or such part of it as sometimes caught a transitory glimpse of her at the window, wickedly persisted in calling it,--her scowl had done Miss Hepzibah a very ill office, in establishing her character as an ill-tempered old maid; nor does it appear improbable that, by often gazing at herself in a dim looking-glass, and perpetually encountering her own frown with its ghostly sphere, she had been led to interpret the expression almost as unjustly as the world did.
After a moment's pause on the threshold, peering towards the window with her near-sighted scowl, as if frowning down some bitter enemy, she suddenly projected herself into the shop.
It is redeemed from insignificance only by the contraction of her eyebrows into a near-sighted scowl. And, finally, her great life-trial seems to be, that, after sixty years of idleness, she finds it convenient to earn comfortable bread by setting up a shop in a small way.
The man raised his eyes from the magazine--eyes that went wide for a moment as they fell upon the familiar countenance of Rokoff's lieutenant, only to narrow instantly in a scowl of disapproval.
The Russian scowled, muttering an imprecation; but nothing could be gained by argument, and so he did his best to reconcile himself to his loss in the knowledge that the sailor would never reach London to enjoy the fruits of his thievery.
Old Osborne's scowl, terrific always, had never before looked so deadly to her.
Here the General paused, and the Grand Gallipoot scowled upon him more terribly than ever and said:
Betweenwhiles he scowled over the plantation account-books, made rough estimates, added and balanced, and scowled the harder.
A scowl or a smile can express more than one emotion depending on the situation, the individual or the culture, they said.
The post Grumpy Cat, whose scowl launched a million memes, dies age 7 appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
In 2013 Grenade Beverage, owned by father and son Nick and Paul Sandford, struck a $150,000 deal to market iced coffee beverages with the cat's scowl on its packaging.
But while some are fed up with the sulky striker who has had more scowls than goals this season, boss Roberto Mancini is still backing him to be the ace in the pack.