SCOZASelf-Consistent Ornstein Zernike Approximation (chemistry)
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"My approach to the marketplace has always been in understanding the customer's needs and developing unique strategies that accomplish those goals," Scoza said in a statement.
Nutrition's speed to market with successful new product launches and cutting-edge formulations, as well as customized, individually tailored programs that fit the needs of each of its retailers, has helped propel the company to the forefront of the industry, Scoza points out.
Nutrition's laboratories and manufacturing facilities are audited by the leading independent quality-assurance testing companies, Scoza says.
Key Contact: Richard Scoza, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Scoza notes that for the 52 weeks ended January 28 mass market sales of weight control tablets and related products totaled $361.9 million, a 93.1% increase over the year before.
Scoza notes that the industry is entering one of the prime sales periods for weight loss products, as many consumers seek ways to trim down in preparation for spring and summer.
Scoza notes that if a pharmacist recommends a specific weight management product "there is a very good chance the consumer will accept that advice and buy it."
"The category is growing rapidly, and we feel we have the formulations and competitive pricing people are looking for," notes Scoza.
The line has been developed with a branding approach to make it easier for retailers to merchandise to that important consumer segment and more convenient for women to find all the nutritional supplements they need in a single location, Scoza explains.
Similar in concept to the Megawoman brand that is one of the hottest sellers in General Nutrition Center specialty stores, Nature's Bounty Ultra Woman is a state-of-the-art supplement that combines proven, basic elements with the most advanced breakthroughs in nutritional science for a truly cutting-edge formula, Scoza says.
"We have permanent power panels and will give you a list of the items that will enhance the category's performance," said Scoza, who then showed Musil Nature's Bounty's new liquid herb line.