SCP3Synaptonemal Complex Protein 3
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The SCP3 antibody was used to stain spermatocytes in synapsis.
DAZL and SCP3 were expressed in the testes of all three species but TNP1 was not exhibited in hinny indicating that spermatids were not present in the hinny testis (Chandley et al.
The murine SCP3 gene is required for synaptonemal complex assembly, chromosome synapsis, and male fertility.
Image caption: Mouse spermatocyte[1] stained for two proteins - KASH-5 (red) and SCP3 (green) - and DNA (blue) illuminates understanding on fertility
Female germ cell aneuploidy and embryo death in mice lacking the meiosis-specific protein SCP3.
With SCP3, which visualizes the axial elements and the lateral elements of the SC, we evaluated the respective frequencies of the three leptotene, zygotene and pachytene stages in patients and controls, and assessed the frequencies of the main types of meiotic abnormalities observed at the pachytene stage.
Primary antibodies against the following proteins were used: SCP3 (kindly provided by Christa Heyting) used at a dilution of 1/250, BRCA1 (Abcam plc, Cambridge, UK) used at a dilution of 1/10.