SCPBSomerset County Planning Board (New Jersey)
SCPBSingle Coil Precision Bass (guitar)
SCPBSingle Channel Per Burst
SCPBSoftware Change Proposal Board
SCPBStanding Committee of the Political Bureau (China)
SCPBStudent-Centered/Problem-Based (learning strategy)
SCPBSenior Circuit Pro Bono
SCPBSophisticated Capital Budgeting Practices
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All 122 isolates carried virulence factors gapC, hylB, Imb, sagA, scpA, scpB, ska, skc, skg, and slo; however, virulence factors cba, cfb, cylE, fbsA, fnbA, and pavA were universally absent.
The penetration process of SCPB seems relatively mild compared with that of SCRB as shown in Figures 18 and 19.
In Figure 21, the amounts of energy dissipation differ sharply from each other because the initial kinetic energy of SCRB is much higher than that of SCPB. Both the processes of energy dissipation happened almost simultaneously.
Caption: FIGURE 18: Penetration from off-axis by SCPB.
Sociaal en Cultureel Rapport 1998, Rijswijk, Netherlands: SCPB, 1998b.
Nineteen of the III-1 bovine isolates appear to lack the scpb-lmb locus because PCR with primers flanking the intergenic locus of lmb and scpB did not produce an amplicon.
Most III-1 bovine isolates in the sample studied here appear to lack the scpb-lmb locus, a finding consistent with that reported by Francken et al., who showed that absence of a putative composite transposon that contains the scpB and lmb genes is a feature of bovine GBS (22).
Horizontal gene transfer and host specificity of beta-haemolytic streptococci: the role of a putative composite transposon containing scpB and lmb.
The role of small cardioactive peptide, SCPB, in the regulatory responses of terrestrial slugs.
Protein phosphorylation in snail cardiocytes stimulated with molluscan peptide SCPb. Peptides 18: 1311-1314.