SCPHNSpecialist Community Public Health Nursing (Nursing & Midwifery Council; UK)
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'While we welcome parity between nurse SCPHNs and midwife SCPHNs in terms of practice hours, we are working with the NMC on the implications of the withdrawal of current guidance that allows our members to maintain a "live" midwifery registration by demonstrating they meet the transferable competencies,' said Jane Beach, Unite/CPHVA professional officer.
* BCC arises from theories of community development, but community-based initiatives are not new ideas of working for the SCPHN
We plan to discuss revalidation with staff at all appraisals whether it is their revalidation year or not and it is important to have support in place for SCPHN students.
The NMC has recently completed the pilot phase, involving 19 organisations employing nurses, midwives and specialist community public health nurses (SCPHNs) in a range of scopes of practice and settings between January to June 2015.
When I ventured into specialist community public health nurse (SCPHN) homelessness practice in 2006 there was little national or local guidance on homelessness that I could draw on for public health nursing practice.
RGN, SCPHN, MSc PHNR Health visitor, Locala CIC, Huddersfield.
Planned commissions for SCPHN SN training at 340 are nearly double what they usually are, but we still need ten times that to make a difference.
As a student on the specialist community public health nurse (SCPHN) health visitor BSC course at Buckinghamshire New University, one of the modules we are required to complete is a leadership and management module.
MY DAY WITH DAVE CAME AS I APPROACHED the end of my SCPHN HV course at a time when I am thinking forward to my new career.
I feel strongly that the SCPHN health visitor role would be better engaged in promoting better diet and nutritional status to reduce the incidence of postnatal depressive illness and other conditions than to spend large amounts of time offering CBT.
CHARLOTTE MIDDLETON DPSN BSc RN SCPHN (HV) Nurse Prescriber, MRes student, University of Manchester, and Health Visitor, Early Years New Delivery Model Team, Manchester JAN HARDY BSc MEd PGC Child Care Law and Practice RGN RM RHV Nurse Prescriber and Senior Lecturer, University of Chester
So, for example, I might be teaching student specialist community public health nurses (SCPHNs) (school nurses and health visitors) for two hours on topics relevant to the foundations of specialist community public health nursing.