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SCPISociété Civile de Placement Immobilier
SCPIStandard Commands for Programmable Instruments
SCPISupply Chain Performance Improvement
SCPICenter for Science in the Public Interest (State University of New York; Potsdam, NY)
SCPISmall Computer Peripheral Interface
SCPISupply Chain Performance Indicator
SCPISession Control Programmatic Interface
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The PSCA specialists and experts would also provide technical assistance and training to the employees of the SCPI. Both the authorities would also share required information with each other as per the agreement.
While the SCPI has not been normed on samples of interpreted texts (Desrosiers, 2001) it has been used to screen educational interpreters (Burch, 1997; Desrosiers, 2001).
SCPI 1 Skills 5.39 1.22 0.741 SCPI 2 Capabilities 5.16 1.31 0.746 SCPI 3 Business model 5.11 1.40 0.793 SCPI 4 Business risks 4.60 1.47 0.751 SCPI 5 Products 5.20 1.46 0.697 SCPI 6 Processes 4.96 1.36 0.746 SCPI 7 Business objectives 4.63 1.44 0.775 SCPI 8 Communication style 5.06 1.25 0.770 SCPI 9 Organizational culture 4.81 1.41 0.785 SCPI 10 Value we provide to our 5.19 1.39 0.796 customers Communication (Deepen et al.
While the NSH's flagship program, the Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative (SCPI) had been widely viewed as an innovative response to the problems of homelessness, it was also apparent that such a 'crisis management' approach could neither address root causes nor supply lasting solutions since it excluded affordable housing and was not linked with other community programming.
Bedford MacDonald Trust, Charlottetown, PEI: To enable Community Entity to continue working with all levels of government and community partners to meet the needs of homeless individuals and support project sustainability, through the administration of the SCPI component of the National Homelessness Initiative.
"Although some local school districts have school foods policies that are far better than the state standards, far too many states allow way too much junk food," said SCPI nutrition policy director, Margo G.
The new interface provides for several methods of control via a command set, which is a simplified subset of the Standard Communications Protocol defined for GPIB-controlled instruments (SCPI) and IEEE488.2.
(44) Similarly, in the case of the citizen engagement and community consultation strategy used by Human Resources Development Canada in the implementation of the Supporting Communities Partnership Initiative (SCPI) to alleviate homelessness, organizations have criticized the process for diluting the voices of organizations with extensive experience with the issues by inviting broad public participation.
Additional criteria for selection were that the candidates be certified teachers of students who are deaf, have proficient signing skills as evidenced by performance on the Signed Communication Proficiency Interview (SCPI; all selected participants had a minimum SCPI rating of Advanced), have a minimum of 5 years of teaching experience, and be teaching in a self-contained classroom or a school for children who are deaf.
It comes with LabWindows CVI Plug & Play drivers and can use SCPI commands for ease of use and simple test program development.
Remote troubleshooting from anywhere on the network or over the Internet is enhanced by the test system's Web server, which allows users to view screen images, control the system via a virtual front panel, and send SCPI commands from an active command line.