SCQScience Creative Quarterly (journal; Canada)
SCQSocial Communication Questionnaire (autism screening)
SCQStar Circle Quest (reality TV talent search)
SCQSantiago De Compostela, Spain - Santiago (Airport Code)
SCQSituational Confidence Questionnaire
SCQSunshine Coast Queensland (community; Queensland, Australia)
SCQSociété de Criminologie du Québec (Quebec Criminology Society; Canada)
SCQSugar Covered Quills (fan site)
SCQSisters of Charity of Quebec (The Grey Nuns)
SCQSocial Care Qualification (UK)
SCQSynergy Customer-Attraction Quotient (Synergy Consulting Group)
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Social competences of health service workers--descriptive statistics of variables analyzed SCQ Ave SD Min.
3 Identificacao de todos os registros do SAC (Servico de Atendimento ao Consumidor) e do SCQ (Servico de Controle de Qualidade), ou seja, as comunicacoes entre clientes e empresa (data e tipo do registro).
The SCQ is a 10-item scale including statements such as "stereotypes about (stigmatized population) have not affected me personally" and" I never worry that my behaviors will be viewed as stereotypically (stigmatized population).
A total score of 15 or above on the SCQ is often used to define a threshold for autism spectrum disorders, and a score of 22 or above is used to define a threshold for autism.
7) The ADOS, Autism Diagnostic Interview, and SCQ are established tools used to show that probands meet ICD-10 (54) and DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for autism.
In order to improve consumer experience with their daily cleansing rituals, Croda has extended it softening technology beyond conditioner formulations and has developed a shampoo-compatible quat, Crodazosoft SCQ, that allows formulators to create shampoos that are aesthetically pleasing and create hair that is soft to the touch.
The SCQ "measures strategies used by gifted adolescents to minimize the negative effect they believe their high ability has on their social interactions.
Por otro lado, el SCQ mide el compromiso de los futbolistas y los factores que lo predicen.
The SCQ is a parent-report screening tool that provides a dimensional measure of autism spectrum disorder symptomatology, providing a cutoff score that indicates the likelihood that an individual has an autism spectrum disorder (Rutter et al.
Furthermore, the forms of the SCQ administered differed in the number of items included (Swiatek, 1995, 2001, 2002; Swiatek & Dorr, 1998) and their language (Chan, 2003, 2004, 2005).
Participants completed the SCQ with respect to these sexual cognitions in the following order: Having intercourse with someone I know but have not had sex with (Cognition 1); Being overwhelmed by a stranger's sexual advances (Cognition 2); and Having sex in a public place (Cognition 3).