SCQMSwiss Clinical Quality Management
SCQMSouthern California Quarterly Meeting (religious group; Quakers)
SCQMSupply Chain Quality Management
SCQMSupersymmetric Classical and Quantum Mechanics (physics)
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It is important to analyse how SCQM implementation affects employees.
The SCQM model was implemented in a public hospital using participatory action research.
A case study design was employed using a longitudinal method of data collection to assess the impact of SCQM implementation on employees' job satisfaction in a public hospital over a period of 6 years (between 2005 and 2011).
The study was conducted in a medium size public general hospital (Hospital 'A'), that implemented the SCQM model.
The first set of data was collected before the introduction of the SCQM model in the experimental hospital (December 2005) to be used as a benchmark.
The findings also reveal that leadership is necessary for SCQM effectiveness because it is directly related to strategic planning, human resource management, supplier management, and customer focus.
This study attempted to examine direct and indirect relationships between SCQM and performance.
This paper is organized as follows: Section 1 explores the research purpose; Section 2 reviews recent literature on SCQM, key aspects of SCQM, and efficiency of SCQM; Section 3 provides a description of the method, input and output selection, and data collection; Section 4 presents the analysis of results; and Section 5 summarizes our findings and describes theoretical and practical implications of study.
For SCQM competence, all supply chain members should be improved; thus, collaboration between companies is required [6,12].
Several scholars have developed and empirically verified the SCQM aspects to assess the SCQM performance.
Since the academic word "SCQM" arose in 2000s by integrating "TQM" and "SCM," previous literature on SCQM is limited.
Leadership and organizational structure were highlighted as key aspects for SCQM by recent researches.