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SCRSilicon-Controlled Rectifier
SCRSwipe Card Reader
SCRSelective Catalytic Reduction
SCRScript (File Name Extension)
SCRSeychelles Rupee (ISO currency code)
SCRSummary Care Record (National Health Service; UK)
SCRSenate Concurrent Resolution
SCRSmart Card Reader
SCRSerum Creatinine
SCRStem Cell Research
SCrSerbo-Croatian (linguistics)
SCRSecurity Council Resolution (United Nations)
SCRSouth Central Railway
SCRStrip Chart Recorder
SCRSex Combs Reduced (characterised in drosophila)
SCRSenior Common Room (UK university)
SCrService Credit
SCRSustainable Cell Rate
SCRSkin Conductance Response (detection of brain activity)
SCRShort Consensus Repeat
SCRSystem Change Request
SCRSteel Catenary Riser
SCRSoftware Change Request
SCRSouth Circular Road (Dublin, Ireland)
SCRSpace Charge Region
SCRSorry, Couldn't Resist
SCRSoftware Cost Reduction
SCRSpecific Commodity Rate (shipping)
SCRSolvency Capital Requirements
SCRSelective Call Rejection (also seen as SCRJ; telecommunications)
SCRSemi-closed Circuit Rebreather (SCUBA)
SCRSea Containers Ltd.
SCRSignal to Clutter Ratio
SCRSupreme Court Reporter
SCRSystem Concept Review
SCRSelective Chopper Radiometer
SCRShort Circuit Ratio
SCRStandard Context Routing
SCRSingle-Channel Radio
SCRScience & Consciousness Review (journal)
SCRStreet Car Racing
SCRSite Characterization Report
SCRSenior Combination Room (some UK universities)
SCRSequence Control Register
SCRSpecial Contract Requirement (US DoD)
SCRSwitched Central Resource
SCRSaturable Core Reactor
SCRSpecial Certification Review
SCRSource Controlled Rate Operation (3GPP)
SCRService Commun des Relations Extérieures (French)
SCRSpecial Casualty Representative (UK Maritime Law)
SCRScience Concept Review
SCRSupplier Change Request
SCRScientific Council Research Documents (NAFO)
SCRSurface Contour Radar
SCRStudent Competency Record (education)
SCRSenior Command Representative
SCRService Change Request
SCRSolar Cosmic Radiation
SCRService Call Rate
SCRStar Crest Recipient (United States Parachute Association)
SCRSystem Control Room
SCRSpecification Change Request
SCRSupply Chain Reliability
SCRSchedule Confirmation Request
SCRSource Code Record
SCRSonar Control Room
SCRSystems Clock Reference (MPEG systems)
SCRSlow Circulating Rate (oil industry)
SCRSuper Coupe Romande (French hockey tournament)
SCRScientific Computing and Research, Inc.
SCRStaffield Country Resort (Malaysia)
SCRService Call Request
SCRSecurity Change Request
SCRSpecial Certification Roster (aviation maintenance)
SCRSurface Coverage Ratio (land development ratio of impervious cover to the overall lot area)
SCRSystem Conceptual Requirements
SCRStudent Council Resolution
SCRSend a Cow Rwanda
SCRSpatial Coherence Region
SCRSerial Console Redirection (Agilent)
SCRSwitch Configuration Register
SCRSignal Conditioner and Receiver
SCRSurgical Case Review (medicine)
SCRSodium-Controlled Reactor
SCRSteam Cooled Roof
SCRShip-to-Component Record
SCRSoftware Corrective Report/Request
SCRSoftware/Source Change Request
SCRSystem Concept Report
SCRSpecification Change Report
SCRSigno de Cuasireflejo (Spanish grammar)
SCRSociety of Cultural Relations
SCRSubmission Change Request
SCRSecondary Clock Reference
SCRSquare Correlation Ratio
SCRSuccess Call Ratio (telecommunications)
SCRStandby Continuous Replication (computing)
SCRSerial Control Register (computer programming)
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According to OVEC, the SCR systems are expected to cut NO [subscript]x emissions by 80% and enable the plants to comply with the latest air quality standards.
The SCR clean exhaust system has been revealed at the opening of the Cummins Oil and Gas Center of Excellence located in Houston.
SCR Module: Metal package 1200V/50A SCR with heat sink, RC snubber and fuse protection.
For more information contact your local Patient Advice and Liaison Service or call the national SCR information line on 0300 123 3020.
With the Ciklum group behind it, SCR Gruppen will get the opportunity to offer nearshore outsourcing to existing customers.
Each SCR system has a touchscreen control panel that provides monitoring capability, showing various temperature measurements, the urea injection rate, the system's status and any system alarms.
Elephant Juice (drama); prod, HAL Films (Miramax); dir, Sam Miller; scr, Amy Jenkins; cast, Emmanuelle Beart, Scan Gallagher, Daniel Lapaine; status, in post; sales, Miramax.
No other engine company has the depth of experience with SCR technology as Cummins, dating back to 2006 in Europe and now with almost 100,000 EPA 2010 on-highway engines operating with SCR in North America.
MTU/Detroit Diesel mounted a very passionate defense of SCR confronting availability, price, packaging and perceptions.
Working in concert with the more than 200 companies, government agencies and organizations represented by the North American SCR Stakeholders Group, Quixote Group today announced the launch of FactsAboutSCR.
I believe this license has given Bosch a very clear pathway to deliver next-generation optimized low-cost SCR solutions in the marketplace as early as this year," said Copan.
The ratings of SCR reflect the company's excellent business position as Morocco's national reinsurer, improving operating performance and adequate risk-adjusted capitalisation.