sCR1Soluble Complement Receptor 1 (molecular immunology)
sCR1Short Consensus Repeat 1
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Because FHL-1 contains SCR1 through SCR7 of FH (29, 30), it is apparent that the binding site of X13.2 on FHL-1 is within SCR3 as well.
TP20 is a combined complement and selectin inhibitor that integrates soluble complement receptor 1 (sCR1) with the sLex (sialyl Lewis x) carbohydrate in a single molecule.
SCR1. Sch(x,y,z) [left arrow] Sch(x,y,z) {[left arrow]Reg(x,y,z); y = math [left arrow] x = smith; Ins(x) [left arrow]}
"Clinical trials have established the safety and utility of our potent complement inhibitor TP10 (sCR1).