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SCRAMSafety Control Rod Axe Man (nuclear reactor)
SCRAMSecure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc.)
SCRAMSupersonic Combustion Ramjet
SCRAMSupport Center for Regulatory Air Models (US EPA)
SCRAMState Consolidated RCRA Authorization Manual
SCRAMStart Cutting Right Away Man (cut the rope that drops control rods into reactor to stop the reaction)
SCRAMScenario Requirements Analysis Method (software engineering)
SCRAMSuper-Critical Reactor Axe Man
SCRAMSpecial Criteria for Retrograde of Army Materiel
SCRAMSystem Configuration Reconfiguration Automation Module
SCRAMStatistical CRAck Mechanics
SCRAMSpace Capsule Regulator and Monitor (Raytheon)
SCRAMShort-Cut Risk Assessment Method
SCRAMSignal Command Readout Alarm Module
SCRAMSpares Control, Release & Monitoring
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She also ordered the "Mean Girls" actress to undergo random drug and alcohol tests, and had her ankle fitted with the SCRAM monitoring bracelet.
Scram will turn the unwanted structure into the required molecular structure.
Nerve cells attached to each hair detect precise measurements in wind strength and direction--and tell the roach whether it should chill out or scram.
SCRAM (Simple Continuous Ratio Adjusting Machine) is a new method of speed control that can act as a gear system.
Which has more calories: two scram bled eggs or four strips of bacon?
Scram, beat it, take off, take the air, on your way, dangle, hit the road, and so forth.
The SCRAM Cart is a portable platform specifically designed for use with the directed acoustic hailing, warning, and notification system, LRAD 1000.
Recently the court started using SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring(CAM) technology to help alcohol-dependent participants get and stay sober.
Washington, Sep 28 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan wanted 10,000 dollars for the first post-jail photo of her wearing her SCRAM alcohol-monitoring bracelet, according to sources.
Maybe the whole look was inspired by the pressing need to hide her Scram bracelet, a rather less-thandesigner accessory she acquired courtesy of the Beverly Hills courthouse to keep her self-medicating habits in check.
Known as a SCRAM device, it stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor and senses through the skin when a person has been drinking.
Objections to the scheme were received from SCRAM (Support Cramlington Residents Against Mining), which has protested against other opencast applications, as well as other residents, saying the environment would be harmed by having a third mine in the area.