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SCRAMJETSupersonic Combustion Ramjet
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Even though the US Air Force has been toying with the technology since the 1960s, hypersonic aircraft and the scramjets that propel them, remain on the bleeding edge of aerospace engineering.
Scramjet inlet incorporates oblique shock waves in various external and internal blends in order to achieve the desired combinations of compression and turning.
Many efforts, both experimentally [4-8] and numerically [9-16], have been directed to scramjet combustor study since 1960s to explore the performance of supersonic combustor.
The aircraft would need to be powered by a scramjet engine, in which combustion takes place in airflow above the speed of sound.
88 under scramjet power-nearly five times the speed of sound.
The X-51A WaveRider can travel faster than five times the speed of sound - around 4,500mph - using a scramjet engine.
At least in theory, the scramjet (supersonic combustion ramjet) can serve as a hypersonic jet engine.
Peebles, a historian for the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, presents this history of the Hyper-X program, a quest to develop scramjet technology and test the limits of hypersonic flight.
According to NASA, a scramjet could, theoretically, travel at 15 times the speed of sound.
The Air Force's unmanned X-51A scramjet reached a record-breaking Mach 5 in test flight .
May saw a milestone in the development of supersonic combustion ramjet-powered technology when engineers celebrated the longest ever scramjet flight in the US.
The internal operations or ramjet and scramjet engines are also analyzed.