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SCRANScottish Cultural Resources Access Network
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Having worked all day at the Gazette coalface, I thought I'd make myself comfortable before heading over to the Riverside for some scran and a tipple in the Legend's Lounge.
car It goes without saying that there are a number of fantastic Irish pubs offering a range of traditional scran.
The rest of the show, despite the mountain of scran served up for His Highness, was slim pickings I'm afraid, Winner just sitting there and writing notes in silence in between ganneting down spoonfuls.
Tony Frost's consumption of 108 balls for his first 17 runs persuaded a number of spectators to head home early for their scran.
According to the paper's readers, you have to go to The Parlour at Chorlton, Manchester, the Queen o't'owd Thatch near Leeds in West Yorkshire or the Scran and Scallie in Edinburgh, to get food as good.
Maybe all dignitaries should treat themselves to scran there in these austere times, because the amount of bang for your buck at this carvery is exceptional.
The Raeburn in Stockbridge is the latest addition to bar dining in the capital that includes great places, such as the Scran & Scallie - just across the road - the Bon Vivant on Thistle Street and The Vintage in Leith.
Next month he will open his third restaurant, called Scran and Scallie, in the capital's Stockbridge area.
Not for me poncey scran that uses words like 'jus' and 'confit'.
Shaun was phenomenal - from stories of his youth (selling knocked-off booze to the icecream man) to ranting about Gillian: "you don't just walk into camp and scran the passion fruit without asking
Juicy and complex like, this bevy is top wi most scran, specially me ma's Scouse," reads the label on the back of a Merlot.