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While today, eating out in pubs and restaurants is a national pastime, back then when me and Jean - which early readers will remember is the name of Mrs Eats - first hit the scran trail it was in its infancy.
He's been sagging in the jigger, So she gave him down the banks, She had a right old cob on, He's as thick as two short planks Keeping Dixie for the bizzys, For a bevy and some scran, Go to town on it, yer divvy, Go-ed mate, you're the man.
I'm out with our kid getting a scran at this gaff @mcrsmokehouse @anthonyquinny I'm slowly getting the hang of this lingo!!!!" The loved-up couple were among invited guests to celebrate the new Bollibar private dining and events space inside Asha's on Peter Street.
I'd hate to think what she' would have lost if she'd stick to her own scran.
Shocking performance." Gordon Simpson ENTERTAINMENT: Famous watering hole The Twice Brewed Inn on the Roman Wall proved to be an excellent Sunday scran experience for Eddy Eats.
Our judges included Carol, plus Phil 'Food Dood' Blackett, from tenants Red Hot Sunglasses who was TripAdvisor's most prolific reviewer of 2014, and Sarah Bosson, from tenants Union Room who writes the blog Scran on the Tyne.
Double me dosh, good scran, no weekend shift an' a get ter use the commentary from me Boro DVDs from the UEFA an' that as 'conversational aids'.
"Juicy and complex like, this bevy is top wi most scran, specially me ma's Scouse," reads the label on the back of a Merlot.
But before Welsh restaurateurs and culinary experts recommend the team try some local fare during their stay, the team have chosen their Italian scran for a good reason.
Tony Frost's consumption of 108 balls for his first 17 runs persuaded a number of spectators to head home early for their scran. Frost at least remains unbeaten, on 28 after two-and-a-half hours, and Warwickshire will owe him a substantial debt if he can grind the total towards that 400 mark today.
We'll look back at how the paper has chronicled life in our patch, remembering famous features such as our Jack O'Clubs column about the region's clubland and how Eddy Eats became the North's best-loved food reviewer in the Sunday Scran column that continues to this day.