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SCRATCHSouthampton City and Region Action to Combat Hardship (UK)
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But I had the satisfaction of seeing Old Scratch as drunk as I.
And afterwards, from Spider, and Pat, and C]am, and Johnny Heinhold, and others, came the tips that Old Scratch liked me and had nothing but good words for the fine lad I was.
"I say, brother, how is my mother to be got to scratch me?
If I am to remain and hold up my head, I must be scratched. Come.
But I dasn't scratch. Then it begun to itch on the inside.
After this fight, Mastro Antonio had two more scratches on his nose, and Geppetto had two buttons missing from his coat.
So the Captain-General took Eureka from the arms of the now weeping Dorothy and in spite of the kitten's snarls and scratches carried it away to prison.
"I'll have Professor Bumper come over and dress your scratches in a better and more careful way.
He did not say anything for a minute, but scratched his head and turned the snake over with his boot.
There's no bones broken, sir; he'll only get a few scratches. I love horses, and it riles me to see them badly used; it is a bad plan to aggravate an animal till he uses his heels; the first time is not always the last."
But the cat, not understanding this joke, sprang at his face, and spat, and scratched at him.
Your pier-glass or extensive surface of polished steel made to be rubbed by a housemaid, will be minutely and multitudinously scratched in all directions; but place now against it a lighted candle as a centre of illumination, and lo!