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SCRBSpecial Content Result Block (search engine analysis)
SCRBSeparable Costs Remaining Benefits
SCRBState Crime Record Bureau
SCRBSoftware Change Review Board
SCRBSoftware Configuration Review Board
SCRBSanta Cruz River Band
SCRBSea Containers, Ltd Class B Stock (NYSE)
SCRBSecond City Roller Bullies (UK)
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The form factor benefits the SCRB provides lends itself to being hybridized with a small 25 watt fuel cell that is also being developed," Au said.
In addition to evaluating the conformal battery concept, prototype 300-watt fuel cells will be used by Soldiers to recharge the SCRBs during the event.
No country boy over seven was admitted to the Vernon because of the death, desertion or gaoling of his parents or because he had been abandoned, but four boys under seven were nominally committed to the Vernon but sent to Biloela(59) for these reasons and were transferred within a few weeks to the SCRB.
A new element is the inclusion of charges laid on behalf of the SCRB against five recalcitrant wards or apprentices.
Each year between 1890 and 1896 an average of twenty-nine `failures' from the SCRB and twenty of the Ship's own returned apprentices were sent on board.
Discharges of girls admitted in 1900 NOLO Other charges To SCRB 0 6 By executive authority 8 5 Apprenticed 3 5 Discharged to a person (at 18) 4 0 Discharged to position (at 18) 0 5 Discharged (at 18) 6 0
In contrast, to be released on parole from ADTC, an inmate must convince first those responsible for treatment, then the treatment staff acting as an aggregate body (with one or more members enacting the role of devil's advocate), then the superintendent, and finally the SCRB of just such changes before the case is forwarded to the State Board of Parole for consideration.
In most years, the responses from the corridors of political power in Trenton to SCRB has usually been to cavil at our "retentionist" practices.
Thus, even though neither the individual therapists with whom he interacted, nor the treatment staff acting as a collective body, nor the instiution's superintendent, nor the SCRB, nor the State Board of Parole believed he was ready to return to society in a crime-free lifestyle, he was released.