SCRCSpecial Collections Research Center (libraries)
SCRCSpinal Cord Research Centre
SCRCSouthern Cruisers Riding Club
SCRCStem Cell Research Center
SCRCSupreme Cultural Revolution Council (Iran)
SCRCSuperfund Community Relations Coordinator (EPA)
SCRCSmall Computer Requirements Contract (Z-100, Desktop I)
SCRCSevere Cyclic Redundancy Check (Hekimian)
SCRCSystems Changes for Real Choices (federal grant for long term care)
SCRCSingle Context Reconfigurable Coprocessor
SCRCSunshine Coast Regional Council (Australia)
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The two main initiatives that the SCRC is following warrant discussion: (i) the May 14, 2011 National Master Plan for Science and Education and (ii) the February 2012 Education Action Plan known as the Document for Foundational Transformation of the Education and Training Sector.
Meanwhile, the investigation committee Monday has refereed 15 inmates from the Swaqa prison to the SCRC, and has also investigated some police officers working at center.
I like gliding past the swans/deer/ buffleheads on the Charles, talking to the early-rising loons in New Hampshire, or watching the osprey circle overhead as I leave the SCRC beach on Blackburn Point Road.
The membership in SCRC will allow Turkmenistan, as well as 11 more member states, to act on behalf of the Regional Committee and to represent its interests to ensure the practical implementation of the decisions, adopted by the Committee; advise the Regional Committee in accordance with needs and requests of the committee; to advise the Director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe during the period between the sessions of the Regional Committee.
Current members of the SCRC include American Airlines, Bank of America, Biogen Idec, BP, Caterpillar, Chevron, Duke Energy, Lenovo and Ministry Health Care.
But instead of adopting the model promoted by SCRC, it would be more accurate to say that Fisher and her colleagues adapted it.
We didn't have to break ice in the water, but it was still very bracing," said former SCRC president Peter Moore who was performing his sixth Christmas Day dip yesterday.
Finally, it increases the powers of the SCRC to deal with illegal activity such as stock manipulations or insider trading.
The League-hosted public dialogues, using the SCRC method, were designed to engage as many diverse segments of the community as possible and to provide an opportunity for a meaningful exchange of ideas among participants.
SCRC provides resources to help all kinds of people engage in dialogue and problem solving on critical social issues.
The SCRC "is dedicated to finding ways for all kinds of people to engage in dialogue and problem solving on critical social and political issues.