SCRCSpecial Collections Research Center (libraries)
SCRCSpinal Cord Research Centre
SCRCSunshine Coast Regional Council (Australia)
SCRCSouthern Cruisers Riding Club
SCRCSupply Chain Resource Cooperative
SCRCStem Cell Research Center
SCRCSupreme Cultural Revolution Council (Iran)
SCRCSuperfund Community Relations Coordinator (EPA)
SCRCSouth Central Regional Council (various organizations)
SCRCSmall Computer Requirements Contract (Z-100, Desktop I)
SCRCSevere Cyclic Redundancy Check (Hekimian)
SCRCSingle Context Reconfigurable Coprocessor
SCRCSystems Changes for Real Choices (federal grant for long term care)
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The two main initiatives that the SCRC is following warrant discussion: (i) the May 14, 2011 National Master Plan for Science and Education and (ii) the February 2012 Education Action Plan known as the Document for Foundational Transformation of the Education and Training Sector.
To develop its client base, SCRC has been aggressively pitching to customers qualified under current ERC regulations.
The recognition accuracy of different algorithms on the FERET face database Algorithm Recognition accuracy Algorithm 66.39% MSPSCRC 74.44% 74.36% KNN 64.47% 29.60% PNN 58.92% 31.40% Our proposed 85.20% Algorithm Recognition accuracy CRC 66.39% SCRC 74.36% PCRC 29.60% MSPCRC 31.40% classifier (5 layers) Table 6.
Integrity checking in the Security Profile 1 is provided by a SCRC that is calculated over the unencrypted packet payload and encrypted before transmission.
The new facility is accredited via SCRC's medical license issued by China's Ministry of Health, as well as the College of American Pathologists, NGSP and ISO 15189 certifications--all of which are crucial to conducting clinical trials in China successfully.
I like gliding past the swans/deer/ buffleheads on the Charles, talking to the early-rising loons in New Hampshire, or watching the osprey circle overhead as I leave the SCRC beach on Blackburn Point Road.
Turkmenistan was elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the Regional Committee (SCRC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the period of 3 years: from September 16 2014 until the 67th session of the WHO SCRC in 2017, said Zsuzsanna Jakab, Director of the WHO Regional Office for Europe.
THE IDEA OF A FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY VOLUME of Explorations in Renaissance Culture (EIRC) grew out of an informal conversation among several members of the South-Central Renaissance Conference (SCRC).
L-lactic acid, zinc powder, glycolic acid, antimony trioxide, 1,3-propanediol, diethyl carbonate, sodium metal, dibutyltin dilaurate, and stannous octoate ([SnOct.sub.2]) were obtained from SCRC (China) and used as received.
In brief, homogenized tilapia fillets spiked with CV or MG [0 (blank), 0.1, 1, and 10ng/g] were blended with ammonium acetate buffer (Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Ltd., SCRC, Shanghai, China), hydroxylamine hydrochloride solution (ACS reagent, SCRC), and p-toluenesulfonic acid solution (ACS reagent, SCRC) and mixed well.
ScripsAmerica(OTCBB: SCRC), a competitive provider of pharmaceutical supply chain management, has signed a memorandum of understanding with Forbes Investments.
A review of the fresh/ hardened properties and applications for plain- (PRC) and self-compacting rubberised concrete (SCRC), Construction and Building Materials 24(11): 2043-2051.