SCRDSunshine Coast Regional District (British Columbia, Canada)
SCRDSonoma County Roller Derby
SCRDSecure Command Receiver/Decoder
SCRDSmall Craft Repair Division (US Navy)
SCRDCentre for Social Research and Development (Kathmandu, Nepal)
SCRDSecure Computer Recycling & Disposal (Perth, Australia)
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SMDs major limitations are its insensitivity to trends which frequently occur in SCRD, and an inability to account for autocorrelation, or the dependence between observations (Maggin et al.
In all, 18 SCRD studies were evaluated applying standards outlined by Kratochwill et al.
The SCRD won't penalize those who do not follow in accordance with the city's Shark Incident Action Plan.
The greatest training needs, in rank order, were SCRD, defining and measuring client outcomes, and survey design categories.
Although SCRD has not been explicitly identified in previous research on training needs, variable operationalization and measurement have been rated as an important counselor research competency (Wester & Borders, 2014).
The minimal sample size required for implementing an SCRD is one, but most investigations will typically be completed with at least three participants as a safeguard against attrition.
In recent decades, SCRD experienced a resurgence in the literature, which has been attributed to the effect of the evidence-based intervention movement on applied behavioral analysis (Kazdin, 2011; Vannest, Davis, & Parker, 2013).
Although visual analysis remains the most widely used analysis for SCRD (Smith, 2012), visual analysis can be supplemented with an ES to provide standardized and reliable results that contribute to evidence-based practices.
Within the Results section of SCRD, both metrics representing the visual interpretation and statistical analyses can be used to explicitly and easily convey data to others.
We implemented an A-B-A SCRD to examine the degree of treatment effect associated with a seven-session NBCCPT intervention among early elementary school children (N = 4) exhibiting behavioral problems.
The SCRD format allowed us to include a comparison group so that we might examine individual outcomes both within and across participants, enhancing the empirical validity of the results (Kazdin, 2011; O'Neill, McDonnell, Billingsley, & Jenson, 2011).