SCRDSunshine Coast Regional District (British Columbia, Canada)
SCRDSonoma County Roller Derby
SCRDSecure Command Receiver/Decoder
SCRDSmall Craft Repair Division (US Navy)
SCRDCentre for Social Research and Development (Kathmandu, Nepal)
SCRDSecure Computer Recycling & Disposal (Perth, Australia)
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SMDs major limitations are its insensitivity to trends which frequently occur in SCRD, and an inability to account for autocorrelation, or the dependence between observations (Maggin et al., 2011).
In all, 18 SCRD studies were evaluated applying standards outlined by Kratochwill et al.
The last major finding was that most studies considered in the present review were SCRD studies as opposed to group designs.
The SCRD won't penalize those who do not follow in accordance with the city's Shark Incident Action Plan. However, marine safety staff and lifeguards will patrol the prohibited regions. 
Experts in the field of counseling have encouraged researchers and practitioners to use SCRD because of challenges in providing services to multiple participants in designs such as randomized controlled trials (Foster, 2010; Lundervold & Belwood, 2000; Ray, 2015; Ray, Barrio Minton, Schottelkorb, & Garofano Brown, 2010).
Consistent with SCRD, visual and statistical analysis was conducted to assess for change and treatment effect.
These products are generally based on nonaqueous solvents and alcohols, including PERC, trichloroethylene (TCE), methylene chloride, amyl acetate, acetone, ethanol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, and petroleum solvents (SCRD, 2009).
Additives like "sizing" may also be introduced, which is used to restore shape, body, and texture to fabrics (SCRD, 2009).
The coffee landscape of Le Havre is dominated by the International Coffee Trade Union, Robert Jehan is president, with 16 members from trade and industry; by Societe des Receveurs de Cafe (SRC), Lucien Giguet, president, with five importers and two forwarders as members; and by the port itself, where fittingly enough the very active chairman of the board is Hubert Raoul-Duval (of SCRD), a man with coffee in his blood.