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SCREAMSouthern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music
SCREAMSouthern Center for Research in ElectroAcoustic Music (University of Alabama)
SCREAMService Creation Management (Network Equipment Technologies)
SCREAMSmall Car Racing Engines and More
SCREAMSingle Crystal Reactive Etching and Metallisation
References in classic literature ?
If you scream another scream," she said, "I'll scream too --and I can scream louder than you can and I'll frighten you, I'll frighten you
The scream which had been coming almost choked him.
The scream became touched with triumph as more crashing was heard in the brush.
I was thrown flat on the wet deck, and before I could scramble to my feet I heard the scream of the women.
The noises grew indistinct, though I heard a final and despairing chorus of screams in the distance, and knew that the Martinez had gone down.
He halted as he heard the notes of Tantor's call, and raising his head, gave vent to a terrifying scream that sent cold chills through the superstitious blacks and caused the warriors who guarded him to leap back even though their prisoner's arms were securely bound behind him.
The screams of the infuriated villagers came faintly to his sensitive ears, and he wheeled, as though in terror, contemplating flight; but something stayed him, and again he turned about, raised his trunk, and gave voice to a shrill cry.
Both sides were cursing and swearing in a frightful manner, which, together with the reports of the firearms and the screams and groans of the wounded, turned the deck of the Fuwalda to the likeness of a madhouse.
During the long hours of darkness they caught but fitful snatches of sleep, for the night noises of a great jungle teeming with myriad animal life kept their overwrought nerves on edge, so that a hundred times they were startled to wakefulness by piercing screams, or the stealthy moving of great bodies beneath them.
The Belgian shuddered and looked fearfully upward, for the scream had seemed to come from above him.
With a scream he turned to flee back into the lesser terrors of the gloomy corridors and apartments from which he had just emerged, but the frightful men anticipated his intentions.
Crossing the hall, about half an hour afterwards, I was brought to a sudden standstill by an outbreak of screams from the small drawing-room.