SCRFSelf-Consistent Reaction Field
SCRFSpinal Cord Research Foundation (Paralyzed Veterans of America)
SCRFSouth Carolina Central Railroad
SCRFSuperconducting Radio Frequency
SCRFStanford Center for Reservoir Forecasting
SCRFSecurity Council of the Russian Federation
SCRFScripps Clinic and Research Foundation
SCRFStem Cell Research Foundation
SCRFSouthern California Reformed Fellowship
SCRFSpecial Capital Reserve Fund
SCRFSmall Congregations Resource Fund (UAHC)
SCRFService Cancellation Request Form
SCRFState Commission on Radio Frequencies (Turkmenistan)
SCRFSutter Creek Ragtime Festival
SCRFSmall Craft Repair Facility (US Navy)
SCRFSouth Coast Radio Flyers
SCRFSonoman-Coronan Revolutionary Front (National Training Center force)
SCRFSouth Carolina Reinsurance Facility
SCRFShortwave Cloud Radiative Forcing
SCRFSociety of the Russian-Chechen Friendship
SCRFSoftware Change Request Form
SCRFSocial Competency Rating Form
SCRFSchroder Credit Renaissance Fund
SCRFSymmetric Coupled-Resonator Filter
SCRFSchool Construction Revolving Fund
SCRFState’s Capital Reserve Fund
SCRFSingapore Chinese Rock Fest
SCRFSkin Conductance Response Frequency
SCRFStandard Caching Riddle Formular (geocaching)
SCRFSAN Configuration Readiness Form (Dell)
SCRFStudent Controlled Reserve Fund
SCRFSchool Construction and Renovation Fund
SCRFShip Class Replacement Factor
SCRFShark Conservation and Research Foundation
SCRFStoner Chiropractic Research Foundation
SCRFSupreme Court of the Russian Federation
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The 'A' rating on the CHESLA bonds, one notch below the state's IDR, reflects the state's deemed appropriations from the general fund to replenish the SCRF as necessary.
The NSC and SCRF hold a privileged status in the two countries respective bureaucracies, particularly in the sphere of foreign and security policy formulation.
FoCP is showcasing a number of books and publications at its SCRF 2017 stand, most notably author Saleha Ghabesh's book titled Raheeq Al Ward (Nectar Rose), illustrated by Ruth Boroz, published by the Royal Publishing House in collaboration with 'Wanna Read' initiative and funded by the FoCP.
The DOC and SCRF catalysts were treated as porous medium, where the relationship between pressure drop and velocity is settled by the Forchheimer model for multiphase calculations (Equation 2):
The 'AA-' rating on bonds carrying a SCRF reflects the 'AA' rated GO credit quality of the State of Connecticut.
The experimental UV-vis absorption spectra of the TMH15 dye were measured in DMF [35], which is not specified in the SCRF module in the Gaussian program.
Although this sounds like a significant disparity, remember--funding for education and training was included in the SCRF budget until the separate ETF program was started.
The project has allocated an interactive wall at Kalimat Group's SCRF pavilion to allow visitors to acquaint themselves with audio-books, as well as with the Braille tactile reading system.
We are delighted to have such a wealth of experience and unique talent at this year's SCRF and it is wonderful to give the youngsters a chance to meet these amazing artists," said Eman Ahmed, General Coordinator of SCRF's activities.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning And Validation Of Clean Rooms In SCRF Cavity Building At RRCAT, Indore.
He was always conscious of the fact that future progress in the field of spinal-cord injury (SCI) would be impacted by the decisions made by the SCRF Board of Trustees.
The city's SCRF bonds required the city to operate with certain financial covenants.