SCRGSEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Credit Reporting Group
SCRGSouth Carolinians for Responsible Government (Columbia, SC)
SCRGSeth Campbell Realty Group (Westborough, MA)
SCRGSouth Central Radio Group (Tennessee and Indiana)
SCRGSiberian Cat Rescue Group (est. 2002)
SCRGStrategic Consulting and Research Group (New York, NY)
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A study by the London-based survey company SCRG shows that convenience stores are Asia's fastest growing retail sector.
During the quarter, SCRG was awarded a $350,000 market intelligence project, the largest project in its history.
Over the objections of a diverse coalition of organizations--including SCRG, Conservatives in Action, BIPEC-PAC, SC Club for Growth, Palmetto Family Alliance and the SC Civil Justice Coalition--a number of "conservatives" joined with the liberals to elect former Democrat lawmaker Don Beatty.